Nifty After Fifty with Dr. Sheldon Zinberg Gastroenterology Centers for Wellness and Lasting Independence

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Podcast Synopsis:

Dr. Sheldon S. Zinberg, the Founder of Nifty After Fifty, LLC joins the show.

Sheldon S. Zinberg, M.D. received a B.A. from Seton Hall University where he matriculated by way of scholarship. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Cooper Alloy scholarship for academic achievement and used this to attend the Philadelphia College of Osteopathy, where he graduated with honors. He received his M.D. degree from the University of California Irvine, College of Medicine in 1962. After interning at Metropolitan Hospital in Philadelphia, he completed a three-year residency in Internal Medicine followed by a three year Research Fellowship in Clinical Gastroenterology at Los Angeles County Hospital.

While enjoying the private practice of medicine for 35 years, Dr. Zinberg served as a Clinical Professor of Medicine at two universities: The University of California at Irvine, College of Medicine and at the COMP division of The Western University of Health Sciences. During his academic career, Dr. Zinberg has been the recipient of many awards and honors and has co-authored textbook chapters and numerous scientific papers. He has been the President of several prestigious organizations and presently lectures and participates in numerous media interviews, both on TV and in the  written media.

Dr. Zinberg established one of the largest and most successful Internal Medicine consultation groups in California; and then in 1993, he founded CareMore Medical Group. As the Chairman, he led CareMore in developing numerous innovative programs that dramatically improved the delivery of healthcare services for almost 100,000 members including 20,000 seniors. At CareMore, he promoted and developed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan for CareMore employees; and, shortly thereafter, he successfully negotiated the sale of CareMore Medical Enterprises to Crystal Cove Partners and J. P. Morgan Partners, LLC.

As the founder of Nifty after Fifty (The Most Effective Centers for Wellness and Lasting Independence), Dr. Zinberg has continued to publish his views on improving delivery systems for the healthcare industry. In 2003 he authored a book on better aging and fitness called “Win In the Second Half” (Saddleback Publishing, Inc.). His second book, “Nifty after Fifty” (Saddleback Publishing) was released in May 2008.

Dr. Sheldon Zinberg discusses & answers the following:

  • As seniors continue to age, how do they become more susceptible to falls?
  • What can seniors do to improve their strength and balance?
  • What are some exercises that would benefit seniors?
  • How often should they be engaging in physical activity?
  • Given that some seniors can be less mobile than others, what can they do to prevent falls?
  • Tip in Conclusion…


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