Myths of Back Pain with Dr. Ian Armstrong

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Dr. Ian Armstrong is the Founding Director of Southern California Spine Institute Medical Mentors. He is one of the premier spinal neurosurgeons in the Los Angeles area. He has been an attending neurosurgeon at Cedars Sinai Hospital for more than 10 years, Chief of Neurosurgery at Century City Hospital for 10 years, Governing Board of Century City Hospital, Director of Neurosurgical Trauma CCH as well as Director of Neurosurgical Trauma at Midway Medical Center, Director of Spinal Surgery Brotman Center, Governing Board Brotman Medical Center, Founder and CEO of Southern California Spine Institute, Founding partner and developer of CAST Surgical Center Westwood California. Dr. Armstrong has also been a medical consultant on such movies as the Matrix and Spiderman II. He has worked on a  number of different research and development projects helping to develop advances in spinal surgery from adult stem cell projects to motion preservation technology for spinal surgery implants. He remains active in teaching, research, surgery and clinical practice.

Dr. Ian Armstrong discusses & answers the following:

  • Let’s discuss the myths of back pain, can you describe misconceptions about acute back pain, how does it occur and what are common treatments?
  • If you are dealing with back pain, should you stay in bed and relax for a couple of days or should you be exercising?
  • What exercises help improve strength and reduce back pain?
  • Often people think that back pain is caused by injury or heavy lifting, but is this true?
  • Is surgery a good option to reduce or eliminate back pain?
  • Tip in Conclusion…


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