Communicating with Muscles – Colette Barry

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Fitness innovator, author and illustrator, Colette Barry whose mantra is “I communicate with muscles” joins the show.

Fitness innovator, author and illustrator, Colette Barry is a Licensed Massage Therapist of 20 yrs.  She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Pilates Instructor and Thai Yoga Therapist.

Colette has launched her first two videos from Bayou Fitness from the Total Trainer called “Barry Method Core Work” and “Barry Method Strength and Conditioning” in January 2011. Colette’s mantra is “I communicate with muscles”.  Her technique cultivates the ability to connect the mind and body thru visual cues with proper alignment.  The Barry Method eschews muscle isolation techniques for a more dynamic concept of functional training, which is attainable (for just about anyone) with maximum efficiency by using gravity resistance on the Total Trainer glide board.

Colette has been able to develop specific exercises that allow for unrestricted movement.  These protocols unlike free weights, lengthens and strengthen muscles relieving pressure from the joints and ligaments enhancing overall joint mobility and balance.

Colette’s functional concept allows the body to recruit multiple muscle groups in each exercise recreating movements of real life activities.  This concept creates functional stability increasing flexibility and strength while restoring and recreating body composition and integrity.

What you end up with are “smart” balanced muscles that resist injury with a bottom line to allow people to regain fitness and return to sports recreational activities and work activity with increased performance and lower risk of injury.

In addition, Colette has written numerous articles on fitness and health for magazines and online and is a public speaker.

Over the last year, the satisfied client base using Colette’s Barry Method has tripled. Plus, she now has over a dozen Barry Method certified instructors and expanding nationally. Her program has also been certified to provide continuing education credits (CEUs) for personal trainers and specialized therapists through the Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Colette Barry discusses & answers the following:

  • Tell us why you became so involved with fitness.
  • How do you communicate with muscles?
  • What exactly is the Barry Method?
  • What kind of programs do you offer?
  • Who can benefit from it?
  • How can someone take part in the Barry Method?


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