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New study highlights Erection problems among young men — “Worrisome Picture from the Everyday Clinical Practice” 

Erection difficulties are typically associated with aging. But it’s becoming more of a problem with healthy young men, and doctors are speculating as to why.

A recent study has shown that one in four men who are newly diagnosed with erectile dysfunction is under 40 years of age, and what’s worse is that the younger men’s male erection problems seems to be more severe.

Several doctors are commenting on the causes of this alarming trend — and most point to situational issues, like the stress of work and relationships.

The Study Findings for Male Erection Problems
male erection problems among young men far more common than doctors previously realized. But what’s more puzzling is that these problems aren’t as easily explained by the traditional causes of male erection problems.

Normally it’s things like cardiovascular conditions and lower testosterone levels that contribute to ED, but the young men in this study had much healthier body-mass indexes and testosterone levels than the older men. They also had fewer incidences of other non-ED-related medical conditions.

Possible Causes of Erection Issues in Young Men
The reasonable explanation is that there must be other causes of these men’s erection issues symptoms. Dr. Paul Turek from the Turek Clinic had one explanation: greater likelihood of drug abuse and cigarette smoking.

Exercise is also an excellent way to destress.
Exercise is also an excellent way to destress.

Both of these habits cause hormonal changes while also decreasing the integrity of blood vessels. These changes can be high risk factors for erection issues.

There’s also the chance, doctors explain, that these men simply report their erection issues symptoms differently. One missed erection might be classified as “severe” erection issues, while an older man might be used to missing several erections in a row before having sex.

So How Do I Improve My Sex Life?
Doctors agree: stress is likely to be a major contributing factor to erection issues in young men.
Usually the stress is situational, related to work or anxieties about sexual performance. The best way to combat it is with self-soothing methods of relaxation. A daily meditation practice helps as well, though it may seem like the kind of “fru-fru” stuff that you’re not into.

Several studies suggest that meditation, the reduction in stress that it helps you achieve, and mind-blowing sex are all related. In fact, if you can get your significant other to join you, there’s a good chance she’ll want more sex as well.

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