Do Penis Enlargement Devices Really Work? A Sex Therapist’s Advice

No. Save your money.


By Neil Cannon, PhD, Certified Sex Therapist

A while back, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared FastSize Extenders to be “Unapproved devices (that) are adulterated and misbranded; safety and efficacy not established.” That’s legalese for:  Not only do these things not work, they’re apparently unsafe as well.

As a result of the FDA ruling, armed Marshals in California raided the FastSize manufacturing plant and seized nearly $350,000 of inventory.

In case you were wondering, before the FDA took them off the market, FastSize Extenders sold for about $280 each at retail. You can still occasionally find them for sale online, but there’s really no reason to spend your money on one.

Penis enlargement devices have long been a thorn in the paw of sexuality educators and therapists. Why? First off, they don’t actually work. Secondly, they perpetuate the myth that bigger is better.

Although many straight men have only seen one actual erect penis – their own – most men get their idea of what a penis should look like from porn. I get at least one new patient per month who comes in for an appointment because he believes his penis is too small. Generally, it’s actually average. However, the man has come to obsess about his size because of what he has seen on his computer screen. (There is actually a condition called “micro-penis” as well as intersex conditions. However, both are rare).

Casting directors have a checklist of things they are looking for in their actors and high SAT scores are nowhere to be found. Porn stars are generally well endowed, they last forever, and they come on command (among other things).

When you try to compare yourself to a porn star, remember also that porn stars tend to be very thin. Since every thirty pounds of extra weight a man carries reduces his perceived penis length by one inch, skinny sells. Porn stars also frequently sport a shaven groin, and that bit of movie magic also creates the illusion of enhanced size.

So guys, here is the truth about penises. The average erect penis is actually between 5.2 inches and 5.7 inches. The average length of intercourse is between 2 minutes to 7 minutes. As the FDA demonstrated this week, there really aren’t any magic machines that are going to turn you into Super Shaft, so you must make the most of what you have!

About the Author

Dr. Cannon is a Certified Sex Therapist and couples counselor who holds a master’s degree in public health, as well as a doctorate degree in Human Sexuality. In addition to leading his practice in Denver, Colorado, he teaches human sexuality at the post graduate level; is a professional speaker; serves as an expert witness; and provides diversity training to the federal government and large corporations.

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