Man holding a bowl of walnuts.

This Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is Nuts

Erectile dysfunction can make you go nuts. Well, maybe not literally but it can make you pretty stressed out and unhappy. On a brighter side of things, studies suggest nuts may help prevent and reduce ED. What a coincidence!

It’s surprising how little we still know about prevention of erectile problems. Since the invention of Viagra, researchers have focused on analyzing the causes of ED. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, have been more interested in finding new treatment options.

Basic common sense suggests that healthy lifestyle should help prevent ED. Even small changes to eating habits or physical activity might benefit your general health and improve your sex life as a result.

Spanish scientists decided to check how one small addition to a daily diet could impact men’s intimate functioning. They decided to study the impact of…nuts on men aged 18-35.

Why nuts?

Nuts are known as a healthy snack or meal ingredient. Although rich in calories (173 per ounce), they contain many valuable nutrients.

Tabletop with a bowl of mixed nuts.

Nuts have many health benefits

Adding nuts to your daily diet can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, as many studies suggest. For example, consumption of pecan nuts can reduce the levels of “bad cholesterol” in blood. What does this have to do with ED? Erectile problems are often linked to cardiovascular diseases. Managing your cholesterol with diet can help you keep ED under control too.

Nuts are also beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes, another illness common in men with ED.

The link between eating nuts, male fertility and sexual function has not been widely explored so far but first studies reveal promising results. Earlier research, conducted by the same group of Spanish scientists with a sense of humor (they named their research FERTINUTS!), revealed nut consumption improved sperm count and quality.

Which nuts are the best for men with ED?

Participants in the Spanish study received a daily a mix of three different nuts:

  • 30 g of walnuts,
  • 15 g of almonds,
  • 15 g of hazelnuts.

Although the analysis did not reveal a significant improvement in erectile function, the nut-consuming group reported higher levels of sexual desire and better orgasms.

Man sitting at a table eating nuts from a bowl.

Nuts can help with ED and improve fertility but don’t eat too much

Scientists were not able to tell exactly what caused this positive change. They suggest further studies to get to the core of this nut phenomenon.

The Spanish group was composed of young and generally healthy guys.  It’s possible that research focused exclusively on men suffering from ED would reveal more benefits of a nut-enriched diet. One earlier study of men with erectile dysfunction showed that consuming 100 g of pistachio nuts can improve erectile dysfunction parameters.

It looks like whichever type of nuts you choose, you will get some health benefits, so go ahead and snack on! Just make sure not to overdo it as these tasty treats are calorie-heavy.

How to introduce nuts to your daily diet?

There are lots of ways you can add nuts to your meals or snacks. You can eat them whole on between main meals. You can also blend them with your favorite yogurt and fruit to make a nutritious breakfast smoothie. Nuts are a common ingredient in Asian cuisine so it’s worth exploring new dinner recipes from the Far East.

Changes in diet and lifestyle are always a good idea but if you already suffer from erectile dysfunction, you need to consult a doctor. Medication such as Viagra can help you manage your ED immediately and enjoy a happy intimate life. Click here to learn more about safe and effective treatment options. And don’t forget to add some nuts to your romantic dinner menus!

Anka Grzywacz is a sexologist, reproductive health expert and Certified Sex Coach™. In her online practice she helps busy parents solve their intimate problems.