The Toll ED Can Take on a Relationship

The Toll ED Can Take on a Relationship

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t just ruin a night or two of romance; it can take a real toll on a marriage. Research shows one in five marriages fail because of ED.

When a man struggles with erectile dysfunction, which is described as a persistent inability to get or keep an erection, it often changes the dynamics of a relationship.

The breakdown of marriage

ED has mental consequences for both men and women in a relationship. He may feel inadequate and embarrassed about the problem and try to avoid intimacy altogether. The subject is taboo, one few men want to acknowledge let alone discuss openly with their spouse or doctor.

Women interpret this distance as a lack of interest and believe they are causing the problem. Sometimes their attempts to talk about the issue are met with resistance, which only adds to the emotional turmoil both deal with.

Both men and women internalize the problem, each assuming they’re to blame.

In some cases, men and women turn to what experts refer to as “potency problems,” which is the medical term for relying on alcohol or medications, both legal and illegal, to manage the problems.

The toll on outside relationships

ED doesn’t just affect two people in an intimate relationship. Research suggests that men dealing with erectile dysfunction feel less confident at work, and with their friends. Productivity levels can decrease, causing career problems.

As men internalize these issues, they often shutout their friends, or at the very least, spend less and less time with them.

The solution

What is the solution to a struggling marriage plagued with intimacy problems? Medical help. Couples should start by talking with a therapist who has experience helping people through ED issues.

In addition, men should talk with their doctor. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to wreak havoc on a marriage. There are treatments, including oral medications like Cialis, which can alleviate the symptoms of ED.

If you’d rather, you can also seek an online medical assessment with a licensed physician who can prescribe medication as needed.

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