Professors Reveal Disturbing Findings After Examining OTC ED Supplements


Some telemedicine critics have voiced concern that it might lead to an increase in the prescriptions of drugs that are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

When the Sun Sentinel enlisted the help of two South Florida pharmacy professors to examine six different so-called “herbal erectile dysfunction pills,” the results were disturbing.

The pills—which are often sold in convenience stores for $4 to $8 per packet—contained ingredients that could be harmful to people with heart disease or high blood pressure, or those who have seizures. There were no warnings on the labels.

Skirting the law

So how can these pill manufacturers get away with selling such dangerous drugs—and with no indications of the real ingredients listed on the packaging?

Essentially, it’s all about classification. These types of “herbal Viagra” are sold as dietary supplements. Unlike prescription drugs, dietary supplements aren’t held to the FDA’s high standards of safety and effectiveness.

Not that the FDA’s ignoring the dangers. In the past, the organization has issued warnings and helped get pills from 16 companies recalled due to unapproved ingredients or false claims of fixing impotence.

At one point, the FDA went so far as to purchase sexual enhancement supplements, only to find that one-third of them contained prescription drug ingredients. In addition, many of the manufacturers were getting their materials from other countries.

Safe alternatives

Men seeking help for erectile dysfunction have several other safe alternatives to these unregulated supplements.

Doctors can write prescriptions for approved ED drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. The prescription can be filled at a local pharmacy or by mail order through licensed pharmacies.

Penis pumps, which work like vacuum cylinders, can be purchased online.

Penile implants—either bendable or inflatable—are also safe alternatives for men who are willing to go the extra mile and have surgery.

Remember, there is no FDA-approved herbal erectile dysfunction pill on the market. Save your money and make an appointment with your doctor to discuss legitimate options.

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