The 3 Most Common Mistakes Men Make with Erectile Dysfunction Meds

It’s important for men taking medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) to remember: they’re not miracle drugs that magically produce erections, they take time to take effect, and one medication may work better for you than another, due to your unique physiological traits.

Men who are taking male impotence medications for the first time sometimes report disappointment with the drugs’ effects, or seeming lack thereof. However, in the vast majority of these cases, the men are making some fundamental mistakes in how they take the medications or are not altogether realistic in their expectations. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when taking male impotence drugs:

1. It’s Not a Miracle Drug: Some men believe that all they need to do to achieve an erection is to pop a pill and wait. Sadly, they’ll have a long wait. These drugs temporarily overcome vascular insufficiencies, thus opening up a window of time when it’s possible to get an erection, but you or your partner will still have to do some of the work to get things started. Manual or oral stimulation of the penis is one way to go, and foreplay with your partner can also fire up your libido, which will trigger the natural responses that initiate the erection process.

2. It Takes Time: All things considered, male impotence drugs go to work relatively quickly, but you’ll still have to wait 15 to 60 minutes for the onset of action, depending on the specific medication you’re taking. Familiarize yourself with all the information printed on the drug’s insert so that you know what to expect. And remember that good things come to those who wait.

3. If at First . . .: Clinical trials have demonstrated that male impotence drugs are effective and safe in most men suffering from vascular-related impotence. It’s possible that the drug you’ve selected may not work for you the first time, but give it another chance or two. If you’re still not getting results, try another one of the PDE5 inhibitors. While all these drugs work much the same way, they differ slightly from one another in their chemical composition. Such slight variations can mean the difference between success and failure for you.

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