Stress and it’s effect on your erection

Life is a constant stream of stressors. Whether it’s work, home, or with friends, it seems as though there is always something to stress you out. It’s well known that too much stress can lead to negative health effects, including heart problems, but stress can also lead to problems downstairs. Yes, if your brain begins to feel overwhelmed by stress, your erection can pay the price.

Stress-based erection problems aren’t due to any particular medical reason; instead, it’s due to psychological reasons. Events such as death, job loss, or marriatal problems can weight heavy on a person, and can lead to detrimental health affects.

When your mind is occupied by stress in your life, it can lead the rest of the body to suffer. Stress can lead to the arteries constricting, making it difficult for blood to reach the penis, making erections difficult.

The solution to fighting stress-related erection problems is simple: find a way to cope and seek help. Accept that there are events in your life that you can not control, distance yourself from the stress, and seek solace with friends and family. It is also adviseable to seek professional help, be it from a psychiatrist, marriage counseler, or with your personal doctor. They can offer insight and help you to overcome the stress.

While it may feel like insult to injury to lose your erection while expiriencing so much stress, remember that it isn’t permanent. Simply find a way to overcome it, and you should eventually see your erection return to it’s former glory.

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