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Pelvic Play for Pleasure Beyond the Penis – Even if You Have ED

Read this article to:

  • Learn about men’s erogenous zones beyond the penis
  • Find out how to enjoy having your testicles stimulated
  • Discover the pleasure of perineal orgasms
  • Get curious about exploring the anal area for more intense sensations
  • Understand how to combine erectile dysfunction treatments with pelvic play

We live in a phallocentric world. To put it simply, our society values the penis as a symbol of power and virility. This is nothing new. Look at art history, for example. Museums are full of sculptures and paintings of naked men proudly presenting their members.

While the penis is the most prominent part of the male sexual anatomy, focusing on it can be stressful, especially if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Even men who don’t have ED could benefit from broadening their perspectives. Let’s talk about pelvic play and how it can enhance your sexual pleasure.

Men’s Erogenous Zones Beyond the Penis

Let’s take the penis out of the picture for a minute, shall we? What else do guys have down there that can be fun to touch? Here are the often-neglected hot spots:

  • testicles
  • perineum
  • anus
  • prostate
  • pelvic floor

The space between the hips is filled with different organs and glands and has thousands of nerve endings and muscle structures that connect to make erections, ejaculations, and orgasms happen. Knowing what your body can do for you can help you be a better lover and to experience more pleasure yourself.

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The penis is only one of a man’s erogenous zones

Let’s not forget that the pelvic area is not the only erogenous part of the man’s body. There is no universal map of erotic spots. Everyone is different, and our sensitivity changes over time. Our skin, for example, is our biggest sensual organ. Read more on that in this article. But first things first.

Testicle Stimulation Makes Sex Better

It’s interesting that the phrase “having balls” means being brave and tough. Ironically, testicles are pretty sensitive and need tender loving care to function according to plan. In the bedroom, it is usually not the testicles themselves that want to be touched but the skin around them — the scrotum.

Before asking your partner to caress your balls, try playing with them solo and see what kind of touch you like. Most guys enjoy having their sac cupped and caressed firmly but gently. Experiment with light pinching of the skin and even delicate pulling of the whole testicular “bag.”

Testicle play is best combined with other types of stimulation, such as oral. The scrotum often enjoys flicks of the tongue, so encourage your partner to use their mouth in that area, too.

Touching your balls should become a habit for more than sexual pleasure. Doing a regular testicular exam can help you catch early signs of cancer.

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Testicles like a gentle but firm touch

Perineal Massage for Spectacular Orgasms

Peri-what? Many people don’t realize that this small piece of skin between the scrotum and the anus has lots of nerve endings and can be the source of earth-shattering orgasms.

The pleasure does not come from the skin alone. When you are aroused, your partner can give you a deeper massage in that area to achieve the effect of prostate stimulation.

To get started with perineal play, make sure you have some oil or lube at hand. If you rub the skin dry, it may cause discomfort. Ask your partner to trace circles with fingers while giving you oral or a hand job.

As you get more excited, you may feel ready for a stronger massage. Some men experience amazing orgasms this way, but for others, it’s not their thing. Try it at least once to find out.

Anal Pleasure Is for All Men

Stimulating the “back door” is still a taboo in many cultures, especially among heterosexual men. The truth is, all guys, regardless of their sexual orientation, can feel pleasure through the anus. Now, don’t panic just yet. You don’t need to have penetrative anal sex to feel the new sensations.

The external part is super sensitive, and your female partner can touch it with her fingers while you are making love vaginally. She can also try a small vibrator on the outside of the anus to give you an extra kick of sensation right before you come.

For some men, penetrative stimulation, such as internal prostate massage, could lead to new heights of sexual enjoyment. The key to anal pleasure is figuring out your own fears and prejudices that stop you from opening to this kind of touch. Go only as far as you like.

Couple hugging.
External anal stimulation can be very pleasurable 

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

You may have heard of Kegels. These are the muscles that keep the pelvic organs in place. They also contribute to more sexual satisfaction in bed. It is a common misconception that Kegel exercises are only for women.

Men have pelvic floor muscles, too! Giving yourself a bit of a workout can lead to better sex and prevent erectile dysfunction.  Add to it gym training, and you’re on the right track to improve your sexual function. According to one study, the best combination is Kegels and whole-body weight-resistance training.

Combining Erectile Dysfunction Medication and Pelvic Play

Creative ways to have fun in bed are important, but they will not solve problems such as ED or premature ejaculation. A trip (or online consultation) with a doctor is a must to get to the root of your difficulties.

Introducing pelvic play in your bedroom could bring much-needed relief if you’re overwhelmed by your erectile dysfunction. Redirecting your partner’s attention to your sexual organs beyond the penis can make you feel sexual again, even on those days when you just can’t get or stay hard.

Erectile dysfunction is manageable with lifestyle medications such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. Most men tolerate these treatments well and have no or very mild side effects. At you can talk to a U.S.-licensed physician, receive a prescription, and order your medication right away. Check out our medication guide or click here for more information.

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