One in four men with Newly Diagnosed Erection Problems is a Young Man

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, more and more young men are seeking help for erection issues. The study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that one in four men seeking help for newly developed erectile dysfunction was younger than 40 years. Furthermore, nearly half of the young men with the condition were seeking help for severe erectile dysfunction.

The Study

Between January 2010 and June 2012, researchers assessed 439 men seeking medical help for newly developed erection issues at a singe academic outpatient clinic. Of the 439 men, 114 (26 percent) were aged 40 years or younger. Researchers found that the younger men typically had a lower average body mass index, a higher average testosterone level, and a lower rate of other medical conditions. Only 9.6 percent of the younger patients had one or more medical conditions, compared to 41.7 percent among older patients. Additionally, the younger men tended to smoke cigarettes and use illicit substances more frequently than the older patients.

It was also discovered that premature ejaculation was much more common in the younger men. Conversely, it was found that Peyronie’s disease (bent erection from scare tissue) was much more prevalent in older patients.

Researchers also found that 48.8 percent of younger patients reported severe erection problems, while only 40 percent of older patients reported this problem. Additionally, researchers concluded that the rates of mild, mild-to-moderate, and moderate erectile dysfunction were not significantly different between the two groups.

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