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You Don’t Have to Go to Mexico for Cheap ED Medications

A trip to Mexico to purchase low-cost Viagra, Cialis, or another erectile dysfunction drug may not end up saving you as much as you hoped. Ordering your drugs from a reputable online facilitator could save you more.

The lure of lower prescription drug prices in Mexico has proved irresistible for hundreds of thousands of Americans, particularly those who live in states along America’s southern border. And because erectile dysfunction drugs are among the more popular medications among U.S. consumers, many travel south of the border specifically to buy ED drugs.

An additional attraction is the over-the-counter availability of certain medications in Mexico that require a prescription here in the United States. Although Mexico in recent years has cracked down on the OTC sale of potent medications, many are still available without a prescription south of the border.

It’s Not Strictly Legal

But bringing prescription drugs purchased outside the country back into the United States is technically illegal and could result in the seizure of those drugs or even arrest. Some U.S. Customs agents tend to let small amounts (up to a three-month supply) of prescription medications through if the drug in question is not a controlled substance. But whether that happens or not depends to a large extent on the mood of the agent at the time you’re returning from Mexico. If he’s been having a bad day, he may be less lenient than he might otherwise be.

However, getting drugs you bought in Mexico back into the United States is not the only possible challenge you may face. In a recent article posted at, writer Judy Hedding reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that up to 40 percent of the prescription drugs sold in Mexico are counterfeit. In the best of all possible scenario, such fake drugs will simply be ineffective. But if they contain toxic coloring agents or filler material, they could be hazardous to your health.

Mexican Regulations Less Stringent

The manufacture and marketing of prescription drugs in Mexico are not subject to the same stringent regulations enforced by the FDA in the United States. It’s also important to confirm that the Mexican pharmacy you’re dealing with is licensed, as many are not.

And a trip to Mexico to buy cheaper drugs involves a number of other costs in terms of both money and time. Savvy shoppers may very well find that they can save money without ever leaving the comforts of home.

The advent of generic alternatives to popular ED medications in the United States makes it easier than ever to get the help you need without spending a fortune. As of early April 2019, Americans can buy the generic equivalents of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Staxyn. The only brand-name ED drug without a generic alternative is Stendra.

Consider Buying Online

And to double-down on your savings, take a few minutes to check out the services available from longtime online facilitator Based in Tempe, Arizona, eDrugstore stocks all brand-name and generic ED medications. And ordering from eDrugstore can often save you time and money.

If you don’t yet have a doctor’s prescription for the ED drug of your choice, eDrugstore can arrange a complimentary online consultation with a licensed U.S. physician who can authorize a prescription if appropriate. This can save you the time and money you’d have to spend for a doctor’s visit.

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