Lowest Pharmacy Prices for Generic ED Drugs: January 2020

Save on your erectile dysfunction drug costs by switching to the generic equivalent of your favorite brand-name drug. And save on those generics by comparison-shopping prices at major pharmacy retailers. 

The availability of generic equivalents to the Big Three erectile dysfunction drugs — Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra — has sharply reduced the cost of treating erectile dysfunction. Today, these erection-friendly medications are within the financial reach of a much larger market than was the case before the generics debuted.

However, thrifty shoppers can reduce their costs even further by comparing prices for these drugs at various pharmacy retailers. And Secure Medical’s monthly review of select prescription drug prices is a perfect tool to help you make such comparisons.

Generic ED Drug Prices

This blog post looks at January 2020 prices for the generic equivalents of all ED medications. These include sildenafil citrate, the generic alternative to Viagra; tadalafil, the generic equivalent of both Cialis daily and Cialis as-needed; and vardenafil, the generic form of Levitra.

In keeping with the growing popularity of pill-splitting as a way to further reduce your prescription drug costs, the prices quoted here are for the highest-strength tablet of each of these drugs. For sildenafil, that’s the 100 mg tablet, while for tadalafil as-needed and vardenafil, it’s the 20 mg pill. The highest-strength tablet for tadalafil as-needed is the 5 mg pill.

In most cases, these higher-strength tablets can be split into two pieces, each of which represents the recommended starting dose for that particular drug.

Sildenafil Prices

The average price of 100 mg sildenafil in January 2020 was $22.85, according to Secure Medical’s price review. But cost-conscious shoppers could find that drug for as little as 99 cents per 100 mg tablet at Publix. That brings the cost of the 50 mg recommended starting dose to a mere 50 cents. That’s an unparalleled savings. No other retailer in the Secure Medical price review was anywhere close to Publix’s 99-cent price.

Tadalafil As-Needed Prices

In January 2020, the average price of 20 mg tadalafil as-needed was $18.01. Once again, Publix had the lowest price at 89 cents or just 45 cents per 10 mg dose. However, four other pharmacy retailers were also offering the drug for less than $1. The price was 99 cents per 20 mg tablet at Hy-Vee, Meijer, Stop & Shop, and Winn-Dixie.

Tadalafil Daily Prices

Tadalafil daily, the generic equivalent of Cialis daily, is designed to be taken once a day, allowing the user to build up enough active ingredient in his bloodstream to get an erection 24/7. The average price per 5 mg tablet of tadalafil daily was $4.18 in January 2020, but that same-size pill was available from five pharmacy retailers for less than $1. Hy-Vee, Meijer, and Winn-Dixie were selling 5 mg tadalafil for 79 cents per tablet, while the price at Stop & Shop and Giant Food Stores was 91 cents per tablet.

Vardenafil Prices

Vardenafil, the generic equivalent of Levitra, was selling for an average price of $21.59 per 20 mg tablet. Among the 18 pharmacy retailers included in Secure Medical’s monthly price review, Costco had the lowest price for the drug at $12.40. That same-size tablet was available from Kroger and Publix for $15.50 a tablet.

Ordering ED Drugs Online

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