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CVS, Walgreens, & Walmart Prices for Levitra and Vardenafil: November 2019

While prices for Levitra have been stable at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart over the last four months, prices for its generic equivalent, vardenafil, have been much more volatile. 

The prices of Levitra at America’s three biggest prescription drug retailers held firm in November 2019, Secure Medical’s price survey reveals. Prices for the drug, the second of the revolutionary erectile dysfunction medications to be introduced, were unchanged for the four-month period from August through November 2019.

By contrast, prices for its generic equivalent, vardenafil hydrochloride, at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart changed fairly dramatically during the same period. Prices for the generic dropped sharply from August 2019 to November 2019.

Generic Levitra Relatively New

While brand-name Levitra made its bow in 2003, five years after the introduction of Viagra, generic availability of Levitra did not begin until the fall of 2018. Having been on the market for roughly a year, the existing brands of generic Levitra are likely to face increased competition soon. To position themselves pricewise for that increased competition, it’s likely that generic drugmakers have dropped prices accordingly.

The price of Levitra at CVS has been unchanged at $56.59 for a 20-milligram tablet since August 2019. Walgreens’ price for the same-size tablet of Levitra has been $56.61 across the four-month period. And Walmart’s price for the brand-name drug has held at $54.90 for four months.

Vardenafil Prices Volatile

When it comes to vardenafil, prices were fluctuating pretty dramatically during the same period. The generic drug’s price at CVS  was $35.12 in August, $17.11 in September and October, and $20.88 in November. At Walgreens, vardenafil’s price per 20-milligram tablet was $34.82 in August but held steady at $28.97 from September through November. Walmart’s price for vardenafil was $35.33 in August, $34.42 in September, and $23.93 in both October and November.

As previously noted, Levitra was the second of the so-called PDE5 inhibitors to be introduced. In terms of its onset and duration of effectiveness, it is similar but not identical to Viagra. Both Viagra and Levitra take effect 30 to 60 minutes after they are taken, but the effects of Levitra tend to last an hour or so longer than those of Viagra.

‘On-Demand’ ED Drugs

Levitra and vardenafil are so-called “on-demand” ED medications, meaning that they are to be taken an hour or so before the anticipated start of sexual activity. In this respect, they are similar to high-strength Cialis (10 to 20 milligrams), Staxyn, and Stendra.

Among the ED medications now on the market, only low-strength Cialis (2.5 to 5 milligrams) falls outside the realm of “on-demand” ED drugs. This form of Cialis promises that users who take it daily will be ready for sex whenever the moment is right.

Drugs Also Available Online

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