Erection Ergonomics: For Lower Back Pain + ED, Check Your Chair

If you are reading this article while sitting down, pause for a moment to check your position. Is your back straight or hunched? Can you feel the bottom part of your hip bones while sitting? What are you sitting on anyway? Answering those questions might help you solve your ED problems.

Our posture, the amount of time we spend seated, and the chairs we use impact our health in the pelvic area. This, in turn, can lead to erectile dysfunction. The good news is that small changes at the office could improve your sexual functioning.

The Rise of the Sedentary Lifestyle

In the past hundred years, humans have adopted a more sedentary lifestyle. In only three decades – from the 1970s to the beginning of the new millennium – we witnessed a significant increase in the number of employees working at a desk. We also saw a reduction in jobs requiring physical activity.

Not only are we inactive in the workplace, but we also don’t exercise enough after work. Only one in three Americans gets the weekly recommended amount of exercise. To get to work, we spend on average an hour a day, sitting in traffic.

An average American spends an hour a day commuting to work

An average American spends an hour a day commuting to work

Is Prolonged Sitting Linked to ED?

Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the ED risk factors. Why is that? The ability to get an erection depends on blood flow in the penis. Your arteries must be in good shape for that. Sitting for many hours slows down the circulation in your whole body. To keep the torso and head upright, muscles need to squeeze. Constant muscle contraction limits the blood flow in that area. Once the system starts malfunctioning, erection problems appear.

Lack of activity has many negative consequences. Your risk of developing diabetes goes up, and you can easily become overweight. Those negative side effects of a sedentary lifestyle have been linked to ED.

Check Your Chair

While it’s important to switch to a more active lifestyle, we still have to spend long hours sitting. The first thing you can do to counter the negative effects of a sedentary job is to check your chair.

Ergonomic furniture is not just a trend. A well-designed chair or stool can help you improve your posture and prevent health problems. Many of these products encourage delicate hip movements to release muscle tension and improve circulation.

If you are feeling adventurous, consider other creative solutions, such as exercise balls, saddle-like stools, stand-up seats, or knee chairs. Make sure to consult your doctor first if you already have a health condition. Specialized stores have expert staff who can help you select the best option.

Knee chairs are a healthy alternative to desk chairs

Knee chairs are a healthy alternative to desk chairs

How to Be More Active at Work?

After a few weeks of using the new chair, you should notice positive changes, such as less back pain and muscle tension. In the long run, this decision may play an important role in ED prevention. Once you have made that first step, try making other changes at work:

  • Alternate sitting and standing

Avoid sitting for prolonged periods. Some employers offer innovative office setups, such as adjustable electric desks. Use them as much as you can. After a few hours of sitting, try doing some work in a standing position.

Move your hips. While your workplace is not a disco, moving and shaking your hips slightly while sitting will help improve blood flow to your pelvis. Active sitting stools or balance balls are great for that as they force your body to move around and readjust positions.

Alternate sitting and standing while working at a computer

Alternate sitting and standing while working at a computer

  • Get up and move

Take frequent, short breaks and a longer break every few hours. Don’t spend this time switching from your computer to a mobile phone! Get up, look outside the window. If you have a dedicated room for breaks, you can even do some stretches. If not, try to go outside as much as possible. Even a ten-minute walk around the block counts as exercise.

  • Do your Kegels

Most of us think that Kegel exercises are only for women. Turns out, they aren’t! Strong and flexible pelvic floor muscles are equally important for men. And the best thing about them? No one will notice so you can squeeze away while working at a desk. Check out our blog on the basics of Kegel exercises for men.

Talk to Your Doctor About ED

Introducing new habits and buying a new chair may help prevent ED but won’t be enough if you have symptoms. Talk to your doctor immediately if you have noticed difficulties getting and maintaining an erection.

Medication such as Viagra or Cialis will help you enjoy intimacy again. Click here to order your prescription from, your safe online pharmacy.

Anka Grzywacz is a sexologist, reproductive health expert and Certified Sex Coach™. In her online practice she helps busy women and couples solve their intimate problems.