Study Shows Men Turn Twitter for ED News

Where do people go to find out information about erectile dysfunction news and medications like Viagra or Cialis? A new study shows a lot of people turn to social media sites, particularly Twitter.

The intriguing results

Where do you go for the latest ED news?
Where do you go for the latest ED news?

A team of researchers from University of California combed through more than one million drug-related posts and say patients tend to look for information on social sites, but when it comes to medications for conditions that are embarrassing, general social media sites are most common.

“Posts about psycho-therapeutic agents such as Abilify and Cymbalta are about five times more common on health social networks while posts about Viagra and Cialis are 16 times more common in general social networks,” explained Vagelis Hristidis, an associate professor of computer science and engineering at University of California.

For some, general social media sites are a good place to get advice and information from friends. Plus, social media sites are so ingrained in our daily lives that many people use them as their sole source of news.

While social media sites can be helpful, at we work to bring you the latest news about erectile dysfunction advancements and news. You can find a full array of blog topics that discuss everything from how to talk to your doctor about the condition to articles about recently approved medications like Stendra.

A doctor can diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction.
A doctor can diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction.

When to see a doctor

If you believe you have erectile dysfunction, it’s normal to do some online research. Social media sites and medical sites can offer some great information, but when you’re serious about getting treatment, you’ll want to speak with your doctor.

You doctor can treat the condition and diagnose any underlying cause. It’s possible the doctor will suggest lifestyle changes, treatment of an underlying condition, or an oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

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