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Can Sharing Erotica with Your Partner Help Your ED Symptoms?


  • Oldest examples of erotic art date back 12,000 years.
  • While the intention of erotica can be purely aesthetic, porn is designed to arouse.
  • Definitions of pornography have changed over time. 
  • Erotica can be presented as movies, literature, visual arts, and audio. 
  • Couples who share erotica keep their sex interesting. 
  • Erotica can help couples dealing with erectile dysfunction. 

Imagine sitting on a subway train. Your eye catches a pretty woman with headphones on. She has a curious smile on her face and seems very content. What could she be listening to? Chances are, she’s immersed in audio erotica. Her boyfriend or girlfriend will be happy to see her so excited when they meet.

People have been using erotica to get aroused since the beginning of civilization. Archeologists discovered Paleolithic statues and paintings of naked people or couples engaging in sexual activities dating back 12,000 years!  

While nude art in museums or caves doesn’t shock anyone these days, more explicit resources are still taboo. But is there a difference between erotica and pornography? And is one superior to the other?

Erotica vs. Porn

The difference between erotica and pornography is often defined in terms of “soft” and “hard” content. Erotica presents sex in a more artsy way. Nudity is part of it, but we rarely see close-ups of genitals. More is left to the imagination. The aim of erotica could be to cause excitement, but the purpose could also be aesthetic.  

Pornography has one major goal — to arouse the viewer, reader, or listener. Creators of porn don’t shy away from showing intimate body parts and describing sexual activity in detail.

There are two problems with these general distinctions:

  • First of all, the lines are blurry and change over time. Black-and-white photos and films showing half-naked ladies touched by gentlemen in tuxedos seem innocent to us, but 150 years ago, they were regarded as heavy porn. 
  • Secondly, we should ask ourselves: Why do we need these definitions in the first place? Movie ratings are necessary for the protection of minors. But for consenting adults? Does it matter if you like erotica or porn? Some of us get off on subtle content; others need to watch hardcore scenes.

The key is to find what works for you and your partner so that you can both enjoy it. And the choices are endless.

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Definitions of pornography have changed over time

Different Types of Erotic Content

If you think porn films are the only option here, you’re in for a big surprise. The range of erotic materials is as wide as the Marvel and DC universes combined! Here are some of the ways you can consume erotic and porn content:

  • Films (not just feature films but porn series and short forms, too)
  • Literature (including poetry, short stories, novels, and comics)
  • Audio (stories but also guided masturbation or recordings of people making love)
  • Visual arts (paintings, photography, graphic novels)

Most content is available online, but you can still get printed books or go to an adult cinema to watch a movie together.

Men, Women, and Erotica

“Men like to watch and women like to listen.” You’ve probably heard that statement in the context of sex. Companies like Victoria’s Secret make millions every year selling sexy lingerie for men. But a new wave of audio erotica apps are designed to attract women’s attention. 

Though men have long been thought to be more visually oriented than women, finding objective answers has not been easy. Scientists struggled to design studies that would reveal the true biological nature of our reactions to sexual content.

Finally, a 2019 analysis conducted by a research group from Max Plank Institute in Germany provided objective answers. Scientists examined a collection of brain imaging from over 60 study reports. They found out that for both men and women, the brain reacted to visual stimuli in very similar ways (though some differences were noted related to sexual orientation). 

Men and women may not be so different when it comes to audio stimulation, either. Audio and literary porn is gaining popularity among women due to the storytelling component. According to research published in 2018, approximately 90 percent of women use their imaginations to have more pleasure in bed. But men get aroused by audio stories too, other studies show. 

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Audio erotica is popular among women

Benefits to Couples Sharing Erotica

Since suggestive content is exciting both for men and women, couples can use it to spark up their sex lives. There are several benefits to sharing erotica with your partner:

  • You learn new sexual techniques and improve bedroom skills together. Some explicit videos give great instruction for men on how to bring their partners to orgasm. A little bit of instruction goes a long way!
  • You keep intimacy interesting. Some porn films or stories are based on viewers’ fantasies. Watch or listen, get inspired, and try in your own bedroom!
  • You improve your sexual communication. While traditional porn teaches you how to talk dirty, so-called erotica for women shows all kinds of sexy talk. As a bonus, you and your partner can learn how to talk about your needs in bed.  

Sharing Erotica When You Have ED

Men with erectile dysfunction can find creative ways to use erotica in the bedroom. A word of caution before you start exploring: Sexual content, especially films, may show unrealistic visions of sexuality.

For example, performers are always hard and can last for hours. Don’t compare yourself to those men. Chances are high they use ED medication to improve their performance. 

Couple lying down together.
Sharing erotica can help when you struggle with ED

Here are some ideas to share erotica when you have ED:

  • Watching or listening to suggestive stories together can be a good solution for when your ED symptoms increase. You can enjoy the show, touch one another, and focus more on her orgasm this time. You stay intimate without the pressure to perform.
  • For those times when you decide to use ViagraCialisLevitra, or similar medication, erotica can help you get aroused and ready for intercourse. Depending on the brand, pills may take from 30 minutes to about an hour to take effect. so, relax, grab that sexy novel and enjoy reading saucy stories. You can take turns in caressing and massaging each other until you are ready to go full speed.
  • Watching educational porn can help you and your partner find ways to keep an erection or suggest best positions. For example, some films feature actors using penis rings (“cock rings”) — a great accessory used to prolong intercourse. 

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