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5 Best Sex Positions for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Things start off well: You get excited, erect, but after a (too) short while, the hardness is gone. You feel like you’re failing your partner. Men who come to me for sexual counseling complain about the quality of their hard-ons. I always refer them to the doctor first. Difficulty in maintaining an erection firm enough for successful intercourse could be a sign of mild Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

What most men don’t realize is that it is possible have intercourse even with with a half-erect penis. All you have to do is find the right position and angle.

Note that these suggestions will work for “penis in vagina” sex. Anal penetration might be impossible if your erection wanes. A simple trick is to use a penis ring to maintain the necessary firmness. A word of warning: don’t keep the ring on for too long. (Twenty minutes at a time is safe.)

Here are top 5 positions to help you keep going:

1. The Reverse Cowgirl

In this position your partner straddles you with her front facing your legs. She can sit straight or bend forward. The latter variation may give you an especially nice sensation, with your penis pointing down. The unusual angle may lead to some indirect prostate stimulation.

Your lover can help you stay inside by holding the shaft of your penis or squeezing it at the base to keep the blood in. This position is equally satisfying for a woman as it facilitates G-zone stimulation and gets her to orgasm.

2. The Morning Spoon

For lots of men their morning erections are the strongest and most reliable ones. It’s worth getting up earlier on a weekday to have some fun together.  Or you can use those lazy weekend mornings to get intimate.

The spooning position (where the male partner lies behind the woman and enters her from behind) offers not- too-deep penetration so you may be able to go on even if you are no longer rock-hard.

Another perk of this position is that you two can move your bodies easily to find the right angle and keep the penis inside a bit longer. Experiment with your partner bending more forward or pressing your legs tightly together for an intimate and pleasurable experience.

Spooning position
In the spooning position the man lies behind the woman.

3. The Cross

Some sexologists recommend that men with ED find more relaxed positions. The idea behind this is to help the body direct and keep the blood flow in the genital area (while the big muscle groups are resting). 

In the cross position the man lies on his side and a woman at about 90-degree angle. There is a bit of movement needed to find the right alignment and achieve penetration but once it happens, she can lay her legs behind your back and you can enjoy a slow sex session. Again, if some manual help is needed to keep you erect, she can easily reach for your penis and give it some extra love.

In the cross position the woman rests her legs behind the man’s back.

4. The Downward Doggy 

Doggy style position is a favorite among lovers who like to go deep. When a woman moves from all fours and rests her shoulders on the bed, she achieves a more arched position. Penetration will be shallower, and you will be in control of your penis. You can squeeze the base or stimulate it to regain a full erection.

You can also enjoy very shallow intercourse, barely entering and leaving her. This way your most sensitive part of the penis – the glans and the frenulum – will receive extra sensation.

5. Yab-Yum

Here’s something for your body and mind. This ancient position, inspired by tantra, helps build intimacy and enjoy sex with weaker erections.

To achieve this alignment, the man sits cross-legged, and the woman straddles him, her legs wrapped around his hips. It may be helpful to use special meditation pillows or blankets to get comfortable.

Yab-Yum is a position inspired by tantra
Yab-Yum is a position inspired by tantra.

The woman is active here, moving up and down. Since you are in such a tight embrace, even with a weak erection you should be able to last longer. If you lose your hardness, you may grab your penis in your hand and glide it over her labia or clitoris for mutual pleasure.

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Photo credits: Alice Popkorn

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