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How Many Men Have ED? It Depends on Who You Ask

If you suspect you have erectile dysfunction, you may feel you are the only one in the world in that situation. Asking your friends if they have this problem may not feel like an option. Guys rarely discuss bedroom problems with their buddies.

You may want to compare yourself with others and check if it’s common to have erectile difficulties at your age. Unfortunately, turning to statistics may leave you even more confused. If you decide to read study results, you’ll be surprised how big the differences are. Is there a reliable source of data on how many men have ED?

Recent study reveals huge differences in ED prevalence

A recent review of medical literature from around the world tried to make sense of the bulk of scientific data on ED prevalence. Depending on the study, the percentage of men with ED ranged from 3 up to 76.5%!  Why are there such huge discrepancies in results?

When analyzing complex health issues like ED, it’s crucial to pick the right group of respondents. Another important factor is the appropriate method and asking the right questions. Surveys not widely accepted by the research community may not be sensitive enough. These methods often fail to show the whole picture of erectile dysfunction.

Researchers confirmed the link between age and ED

The review has also confirmed that the risk of erectile problems increases with age. Other findings proved a link between ED and cardiovascular disease. According to researchers ED is a “risk marker” for problems with the heart or blood vessels.

What does it all mean to you? If you suspect you may have ED and are an older man, it’s highly likely you are right. The best thing you can do is to contact your physician and get treatment as soon as possible. Modern medication such as Viagra help men enjoy intimate life despite erectile difficulties.

Can I do an online test for erectile dysfunction?

If you belong to the younger generation of men, you may be wondering if it’s not too early for erectile dysfunction. You’re probably tempted to self-diagnose, using online test for erectile dysfunction. If you do, make sure you use reliable ones like this one here.

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Online tests for erectile dysfunction are not enough

You need to remember that an online quiz is not enough. You should consult your doubts with the doctor. If you’re not ready for an appointment yet, at least make the first step. Try to observe your body, mind and sexual function for a month and take notes.

Look for the following symptoms:

  • You can’t get an erection,
  • You can’t keep an erection,
  • You are losing interest in sex,
  • You are stressed out or depressed.

You should also take note of your habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Note how often you use those substances.

ED checkup may save your life

If the test suggests you have even a mild case of ED, you should talk to a doctor. Our licensed physicians provide confidential advice online. To find out more about treatment options and book your consultation, go here.

Remember that an early diagnosis gives you a lot of time to prevent further development of ED. It may also save your life. The doctor diagnosing you for ED is able to spot early signs of serious illness. Cardiovascular disease can be life-threatening but starting treatment early can reduce the risk.

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