Average Cost of Levitra is $30.61; Click for More

Levitra first became available in 2003 in the United States. Here’s how much you can expect to pay for it. 


Following is a table of prescription prices for Levitra (10 pills of 20 mg each, with each pill split to create two doses) in five different cities across the US. The lowest price per dose in this group was $29.70, and the highest was $31.22. Prices don’t vary that much, but if you have a prescription for Levitra and have the time, calling around can save you a few dollars, depending on where you live. In general, expect to pay about $30 per pill with Levitra.


How Does Levitra Differ from Viagra and Cialis?

The generic name for the active ingredient in Levitra is vardenafil, which is part of the drug class known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Viagra and Cialis are also PDE-5 inhibitors, but each works slightly differently. All PDE-5 inhibitors inhibit the action of an enzyme called PDE-5, and this process allows the smooth muscles lining the walls of blood vessels to relax. The result is improved blood flow to the penis when there is sexual stimulation, allowing men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to have improved erections so they can participate in and enjoy sexual activity.

Indications and contraindications for Levitra are the same as they are with Viagra and Cialis. In other words, if your doctor says it’s safe for you to take Viagra, then it should be safe for you to take Levitra as well. The vardenafil molecule is slightly different from the sildenafil molecule (the active ingredient in Viagra) and the tadalafil molecule (the active ingredient in Cialis). Cialis is known to have longer-lasting effects than Viagra and Levitra. Though Levitra and Viagra work for approximately the same length of time, many men find that they respond differently to Levitra than to Viagra.

Some ED medications take effect more quickly than others.


The slight differences in molecular structure of the three main PDE-5 inhibitors make it so that if a man experiences unpleasant side effects from one of the drugs, or does not experience satisfactory relief from ED with one of the drugs, he can usually try one of the other PDE-5 inhibitors safely and may experience better results. So if you tried, say, Viagra, and the results weren’t what you hoped, you may find that you respond better to Levitra. It’s a conversation worth having with your doctor if one ED medication didn’t give you the results you wanted.

How Much Does Levitra Cost in the United States?

GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Levitra in the US, sometimes offers coupons that can be used with prescriptions for Levitra. You can check on the availability of these coupons and your eligibility for them by going to the Levitra website and clicking on the button labelled “Get instant savings on LEVITRA.”

Another Safe Way to Acquire Levitra

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment, scheduling time off work, and taking the time to wait on a prescription (or dropping it off and picking it up again later) isn’t easy for everyone. And with doctor’s appointments, what you expect to take an hour can easily end up taking two hours depending on what the doctor is dealing with that day.

An online medical facilitator that works with doctors and pharmacists can allow busy people to obtain prescriptions for these medications and have them dispensed by licensed pharmacists in a fraction of the time it takes to visit a doctor and a pharmacy. Though the price per pill may end up being slightly higher, for many people the time savings and convenience are well worth it.

Weighing Your Options

Erectile dysfunction can be an indicator of lifestyle practices that should be changed. For example, smoking can make ED worse, as can high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Men who have unhealthy lifestyle practices, or who are at elevated risk for heart disease can benefit greatly from taking the time to see their doctors when they experience ED. In many cases doctors will still prescribe medications like Levitra, but may also recommend lifestyle changes or prescribe additional medications to cope with conditions like high cholesterol levels.

Otherwise healthy men who experience ED and who have taken the time to read up on what causes it, how drugs like Levitra work, and what the risks are, often find that working with an online facilitator to obtain ED medications is far more convenient and private.

One thing no man should do is turn to sketchy websites offering “cheap Levitra,” “generic Levitra,” or similar products. If a website offers Levitra without a prescription, it is operating illegally and is most likely selling counterfeit products that will waste your money and could jeopardize your health.


If Levitra is your preferred treatment for ED, you have numerous ways of obtaining it safely. You can take the traditional route of speaking with your doctor, obtaining a prescription, and dropping it off at your local pharmacy. But if shoehorning all that into your busy schedule is difficult for you, then you have another option: eDrugstore.com. eDrugstore.com is an online medical facilitator that works with US-licensed pharmacists and physicians to dispense only genuine Levitra by GlaxoSmithKline to our customers.

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