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3Q & 4Q 2019 Levitra, Vardenafil Price Trends: CVS, Walgreens & Walmart

After modest declines early in the third quarter, Levitra prices at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart held steady for the next four months. More volatile were prices for vardenafil at America’s top three prescription drug retailers.

Prices for Levitra at the nation’s three biggest prescription drug retailers have been relatively stable for most of the third and fourth quarters with the exception of a moderate price drop between the months of July and August.

By contrast, prices for vardenafil, Levitra’s generic equivalent, at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart have been somewhat more volatile across the five-month period from July through November.

Prices for 20mg Pills Quoted

The prices quoted for both Levitra and vardenafil in this blog post are for 20-milligram tablets of each drug. Because the recommended starting dose for both Levitra and vardenafil is 10 milligrams, a 20-milligram tablet can safely be split in half to yield two 10-milligram doses. While a 10-milligram dose will produce the desired results for most men, some might have to increase their dose to 20 milligrams.

Price Trends for Levitra

At the outset of the third quarter, CVS’s price for Levitra in July was $61.77 for a 20-milligram tablet, according to Secure Medical’s monthly price review. By August, that price had dropped to $56.59, a decrease of roughly 8.4 percent. However, after that moderate price decline, CVS’s price for the medication held steady through November.

Similar price trends for Levitra were observed at both Walgreens and Walmart. In the former, the price of a 20-milligram tablet of the medication fell from $62.02 in July to $56.61 in August, a drop of about 8.7 percent. Since then, Walgreens price for the drug has held firm at $56.61.

At Walmart, the price for 20-milligram Levitra went from $59.40 in July to $54.90 in August, a decrease of about 7.6 percent. Here, once again, the price held steady at $54.90 through November.

Price Trends for Vardenafil

As previously noted, prices for vardenafil were somewhat more volatile during the five months from July through November. CVS’s price for a 20-milligram tablet of vardenafil dropped from $49.39 in July to $35.12 in August, a sharp decrease of 28.9 percent. Between August and September, vardenafil’s price at CVS underwent an even bigger decline, dropping from $35.12 to $17.11, where it remained through October. However, in November, the price rose again to $20.88, a sharp increase of 22 percent.

The price at Walgreens for vardenafil started the third quarter in July at $48.62. By August that price had fallen 28.4 percent to $34.82. By September it had declined again to $28.97, a drop of 16.8 percent. Walgreens price for the drug then held firm at $28.97 for October and November.

Walmart’s price for vardenafil dropped from $47.98 in July to $35.33 in August, a decrease of 26.4 percent. It slipped a relatively modest 2.6 percent from August to September, falling to $34.42. But from September to October, it fell rather sharply again from $34.42 to $23.93, a decline of 30.5 percent. It remained at $23.93 in November. You can see the price trends summarized in the following chart:

What’s the Rationale?

Finding a rationale for the somewhat erratic price trends of vardenafil is pretty much a guessing game, although it’s possible prices are being positioned for additional generic competition. After all, the first generic alternative to Levitra didn’t debut until the fall of 2018, so further entrants into the market are likely in the days ahead.

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