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Why a Keto Diet May Not Be the Solution to ED

The keto diet is hot right now due to its ability to promote quick weight loss. However, some physicians warn that in certain conditions, it can lead to cardiac disease, which is closely associated with development of erectile dysfunction (ED). How does the Keto diet affect ED?

The so-called Keto diet is hot right now. It emphasizes very low carbohydrate intake and taking in up to 70% of calories as fat. But while the diet may work for weight loss, that doesn’t mean it’s good for heart health, and bad heart health is associated with bad erection health. Furthermore, the keto diet is hard to stick with, which could result in dangerous “yo-yo” dieting, causing unhealthy swings in weight. An erection-friendly diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, and olive oil, which are more representative of the Mediterranean diet than the Keto diet.

Here’s why men with erection disorders should reconsider the Keto diet.

ED, Viagra, and the Keto Diet

We know that losing weight is good for erectile dysfunction (ED). One popular way to lose weight today is the Keto diet, a high-fat, low-carb way of eating that does help shed the pounds in most men and women who follow it. But is the diet safe?

The Keto diet works by putting the body into a state called ketosis, changing the body’s metabolism to burn more fat. But some doctors say that the diet simply isn’t healthy, in part, because it does not emphasize nutrient-heavy vegetables and fruits.

The Keto diet requires people to derive 70% of their calories from fats, 25% from proteins, and 5% from carbohydrates. It’s a complex diet plan that requires heavy monitoring and a long-term approach to losing weight.

But now for some more bad news; some research shows that the Keto diet can lead to fatigue, low mood, and lowered sex drive. This is especially true at the start of the diet when the “Keto flu” can cause people to have headaches and feel unwell. But doctors say that the reduction in carbs that Keto requires can alter the hormones that control sexual function. In some instances, this could cause ED. So, while the Keto diet could help you see a drop in weight, you could also see a drop in your sex drive. So, what’s the answer?

ED and the Mediterranean Diet

Men’s Health suggests that the answer to curing ED may not rest solely with Viagra. Instead, they say the Mediterranean diet of fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, and olive-oil could be the cure to ED. Scientists from the University of Athens found that the Mediterranean diet reduced ED in men between 40 and 70 years old. The study recommended eating each week:

  • Nine tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 13 servings of vegetables.
  • Six pieces of fruit.
  • Three servings of fish.
  • Two portions of beans.
Studies show the Mediterranean diet reduces ED.

The study showed that men who follow this diet reduced their ED by up to 40% as they age. Researchers mentioned other healthy lifestyle choices as reducing the need for Viagra. For example, exercising and losing weight are other healthy choices that can reduce the risk of ED at any age.

For men on the Keto diet, it appears there may be some other lifestyle choices that might have a better chance at reducing ED. When combined with Viagra, men stand a much better chance of improving their sexual health.

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