Top 5 Summer Vacations

Ready for some fun in the sun. Start planning your summer vacation now with a look at these four hot places to visit.

Muskoka Cottage Country, Ontario

In a list of top 10 summer getaways, National Geographic lists Muskoka Cottage Country as the number one spot to visit this summer. The area, which is about two hours from Toronto, boasts 8,699 miles of shoreline, 17 historic towns and villages and countless waterfalls and lakes.

Patagonia, Argentina

According to National Geographic, Patagonia, Argentina is a hot spot for skiers looking to sneak away during the summer. For those wanting to do something other than lay in the sun, the Patagonian Andes offer a winter wonderland. Known for deep powder, the area resorts cater to all levels of skiing expertise.

Travel up the Hudson, NY

For those seeking an end of the summer road trip, Fodor’s (a travel assistance company) suggests taking a ride along the Hudson River. Aside from river views, travelers will experience rustic villages and breathtaking sights from the Catskill Mountains.


U.S. News Travel put together a list of the best summer vacations and listed Maui in the top three. The article describes the island as, “an attraction-filled destination that seems like a compilation of Hawaii’s best qualities.” While this island is one of the more touristy islands, it offers beautiful resorts, great parks and beaches to visit and a shoreline seen only in postcards.

San Francisco

If traveling to Hawaii or Argentina is a bit much, U.S. News Travel suggests visiting San Francisco. The California city is known its stress free atmosphere. Trolley rides, rolling hills, ocean views and historic buildings await those who visit the city. The article says, “A jumbled collage of colorful neighborhoods and picturesque views, hill-sloped and breezy San Francisco draws those free-spirited types who have an eye for edgy art, a taste for imaginative cuisine, and a zeal for adventure.”