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The Surprising Positive Effects of Watching Pornography


  • Scientists have discovered some positive effects of watching pornography on people’s sex lives, relationships, and sexual health. 
  • Watching pornography can help you reboot your sex life and get inspired to try new things. 
  • If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, an erotic film can help you get aroused while you wait for medication to start working. 
  • Research shows that couples who watch porn together are more dedicated to each other and satisfied in bed.

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Positive effects of watching pornography don’t make catchy headlines. But using porn in moderation can be a source of pleasure and inspiration. In the past, researchers focused on negative aspects of porn, but this is changing. We now have studies showing positive effects of pornography on intimacy, for both men and women, and on life as a whole. [Español]

Positive Effects of Watching Pornography on Sex Life

Pornography is one of the most popular leisure activities. According to a recent analysis of people aged 18 to 73, over 91 percent of men and 60 percent of women have consumed erotic content in the past month. 

Here’s how adult films and books can improve your intimate life.

Porn Can Make You Feel More Comfortable About Sex

According to Australian research, 58.8 percent of respondents thought adult films had a positive impact on their attitudes towards sexuality. Here are some of the positive effects mentioned:

  • They felt less repressed sexually. 
  • They became more open-minded about sex. 
  • They became more tolerant of other people’s sexual preferences. 
  • Porn helped them keep the spark alive in long-term relationships. 
  • They started caring more about their partner’s needs. 

Porn Can Reboot Your Sex Life

Contrary to popular belief, watching erotic content doesn’t mean you’ll lose interest in your partner. A 2015 study indicated that men who watched porn had higher arousal levels and were more interested in sex with their partners. 

Porn Can Inspire You To Try New Things

A study of young men revealed an interesting aspect of porn consumption. Through watching different types of videos, participants could discover their sexual preferences and kinks. 

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Watching adult films can give your relationship a libido boost

Watching Porn Can Improve Your Sexual Health

Here are the new (naughty) doctor’s orders: Watch some porn! Explicit movies may have a positive impact on your sexual health. Here’s what we know so far:

Porn May Help With Prostate Cancer Prevention

One of the main reasons guys watch porn is to enhance their masturbation experience. As it turns out, regular self-pleasuring sessions may have a positive effect on your health. There’s a theory that frequent ejaculation could reduce your risk of getting certain prostate tumors

Porn Normalizes Safer Sex

If you pick the right films, porn can help you feel more comfortable with testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and using a condom. Sexual health policies are slowly becoming mainstream in the adult industry. Performers undergo regular testing, and some of them use condoms in their scenes. 

Porn Can Be Beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists have long speculated that pornography consumption might contribute to ED, but there’s not much evidence to support these claims. In fact, using explicit content may help you manage erectile dysfunction. 

For example, watching an adult film can help you get ready for your partner before Viagra or another ED medication starts working. If your partner doesn’t mind watching porn while making love, that may help you stay aroused and maintain an erection longer. Chances are it will enhance your partner’s arousal, too.

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Watching adult films can help improve your sexual health

Relationship Benefits of Watching Pornography

Believe it or not, watching adult films together can improve the quality of your relationship. This is a great exercise in partner communication, because it allows you to discuss your sexual needs, preferences, and limits. 

You Feel More Dedicated to Your Partner

Watching erotic films as a couple has some surprising benefits. Research shows that partners feel more intimately connected when they watch frisky scenes together. On top of that, they are more satisfied in bed. 

You Learn What Your Partner Likes

Watching hot scenes together with your partner can help you get to know each other better. It helps you figure out what turns them on and gives you an opportunity to explore new techniques and fantasies together. By watching your lover’s reactions you’ll also notice the things they don’t enjoy.

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Research shows partners who watch erotica together are more dedicated

Tips for Watching Porn Together

An erotic movie night can really up your bedroom game. But before you hit “play,” there are some things to consider:

  • Make sure your partner is open to it. What’s normal to you may be a turn off for your partner. Ask first, and if you hear a “no,” don’t get defensive or try to convince them to try it anyway. Listen to what they have to say, and explain why this is important to you. 
  • Ease into it. Perhaps your partner has had some negative experiences watching hardcore pornography. Talk about it, and if she or he is willing to give porn another try, start with some soft erotica. There are many movies that are not explicit but can still get you both nicely warmed up.
  • Check out ethical porn. Many women have a negative view of the pornographic industry due to its exploitative nature. Nowadays, there is a whole movement called ethical porn, which puts emphasis on safety and respect for performers. You won’t find these films for free, but you will be supporting good working conditions for actors and actresses. 
  • Let your partner choose. Inviting your partner to pick the films you’ll be watching together will help you get an idea of what he or she likes. Observe your lover to learn what turns them on. A hot conversation about what you see on the screen can be as stimulating as a massage or a sexual touch.
  • Become a keen student. Instead of playing your usual porn flick, search for some adult sex education videos. You’ll both learn new tricks and introduce variety in the bedroom. You can also follow what’s going on in the film; for example, giving your lover a tantric massage or a creative oral session. eDrugstore Is Your Partner in Sexual Wellness

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With so many positive effects of watching pornography, you don’t need to be worried or ashamed of it anymore. Instead, use it to your advantage. But remember that to have great sex, you also need to be in good sexual health. We’re here to help with sex-related problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Visit our ED page to fill your prescription for Cialis, Levitra, or many other medications. At eDrugstore, virtual health visits and shipping are always free.  

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