Teen drug slang: how much do you know?

Kids are tweeting about cupcakes and bumblebees, talking about using Vitamin K, and gossiping about the clique that has an ice cream habit.  If any of this is lost on you, you’re not alone.  Teens have their own language these days and a lot of it is designed to keep adults in the dark.  Using a word like cupcakes sounds innocent enough, but they’re really referencing LSD.

Parents have to be more aware now more than ever, since drugs aren’t just coming off the streets, they’re coming out of your medicine cabinet.  According to Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base, prescription drug use is second only to marijuana.  In some cases teens get together for ‘Pharm Parties.’’  The idea is to steal prescription drugs from your medicine cabinet, toss them all in a bowl and take any combination of the pills.

Whether its prescription drugs or over-the-counters meds, teens are finding a way to misuse them to get high.  Here is a list of slang terms and the definitions teens are using:

Cupcakes: LSD
Bumblebees: Amphetamines, drugs that keep you awake like Adderall
Vitamin K: Ketamine, used a sedative during anesthesia
Ice Cream Habit: Teens who use drugs occasionally

Number 9: Ecstasy
Robodosing: Abusing cough syrups
Kibbles and bits: Ritalin, the drug prescribed for people with Attention Deficit Disorder
Triple C: Coricidin Cough and Cold
Candy Flipping: Combining Tylenol PM with LSD

Tips to talk to your kids about drugs

1.) Start young

According to Kids Health, you should start laying the ground work to talk about drugs as young as age 7.  When you’re giving your child a prescription medication, it’s a good time to mention how important it is to take medication only when you’re sick.

2.) Know your kid’s friends

Knowing the people your child hangs out with is important.  If you suspect someone in the circle is using drugs, odds are your child has tried them.

3.) Keep talking

As kids get older it may seem like they have no interest in what you have to say, but they are listening so keep talking.