Stem Cell Company Moves to Mexico After FDA Steps In

Celltex, a Texas-based company that offers stem cell injections to adults, is facing scrutiny from the FDA. The government found 29 “objectionable conditions” at the facilities forcing the company to set up shop in Mexico.

Stem cells, always controversial

Stem cell research remains controversial.

Stem cell research remains controversial.

Stem cell research has always stimulated much debate, but many doctors believe stem cells hold restorative power that can treat many conditions.

“We’re formed from stem cells, everything about our body is a stem cell product,” James Willerson, president of the Texas Heart Institute told BusinessWeek. “I believe the right cells in the right place in the right person will do amazing things.”

Celltex was offering stem cell injections to patients at its Sugarland-based facility, but once the FDA stepped in, the facility decided to operate in Mexico where there are fewer restrictions on stem cells.

Celltrex makes a stand

In a statement, Celltex said the company is planning new clinical trials for specific conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis and macular degeneration. Plus, current stem cell trials are wrapping up. With more than 200 people involved, Celltex says the results of these studies could mark one of the largest and most important studies in stem cell research to date.

“Celltex is committed to developing the promise of regenerative medicine into a reality for doctors and their patients,” David Eller, CEO and President of Celltex said in a statement. “We sponsor clinical trials to better understand the therapeutic impact and monitor the safety of adult stem cell therapy, and we are confident that our research will help

Stem cells could aid in treatments for multiple sclerosis and Alzheimers, among others.

Stem cells could aid in treatments for multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, among others.

implement effective treatments for patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions.”

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about stem cell research? Should it be allowed in the US? Was the FDA too quick to step in at Celltex? Tell us your thoughts below.