Patients Weigh In On New Nasal Spray for Pain

New nasal spray is approved for pain management.

The FDA recently approved a new nasal spray for pain management. Sprix, which is made by Regency Therapeutics, was approved for short-term pain management. Doctors are now prescribing this medication, but according to patient reviews on WebMD, taking the medication correctly is vital.

The demand for pain management

“Moderate to moderately severe pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek care in emergency departments, but emergency department clinicians often do not provide adequate treatment of pain because of ingrained prescribing habits and concerns about the appropriate use of narcotic analgesics,” Charles Pollack, MD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Pennsylvania Hospital, told American News Report.

“One of the goals of our study is to understand the overall impact of acute pain and its different treatments on patients after they leave the emergency department, including patient satisfaction, quality of life, and back-to-work/normal activities outcomes.”

Patient Reviews of the drug

The medication is a nasal spray but it shouldn’t be inhaled. The maker’s of the drug suggest watching the video on how to take the medications before taking the first dose. Here’s what some patients had to say about Sprix:

“I sprayed it to the side of my nose, and had almost no side effect at all ! I am so happy that I watched that video. The medicine has worked well, and now that I know how to use it, I am a fan.”

Patients urge others to learn how to take the medication before taking the first dose.

“My  doctor prescribed this for pain associated with severe arthritis and severe stenosis in my neck/cervical area. I too did feel the burning from the first dose, reread the instructions and did not get the burning sensation. Nearly immediate relief that lasted almost all day. Redose did not burn like the first.”

“I tried to spray it my on the inner and outer side of my nostril and still had a lot of burning, but it only lasted for a minute. It relieves my headache pain quickly whereas Vicodin works slowly. I am impressed.”