How to Feel Sexier

Viagra, ED, erectile dysfunction, sex, exercise, healthMaybe it’s the time of year or just the way the wind blows, sometimes we just don’t feel attractive at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the funk once it begins.

It’s easy to avoid with the right state of mind but when the funk gets hold of you it can take a long time to make you see yourself as sexy again. These are a few ways for the average human being to fight the body blues and get their sexy back!


I know it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear but getting your heart racing and your sweat pouring boosts the endorphins and makes you not only feel hot but look hot too! Even if you’re just dancing in front of your stereo for 30 minutes a day, it beast the blues faster than any antidepressant can.

Sort Your Wardrobe

Find what you like and don’t like about your clothes. Separate the ones you don’t like and give them to a homeless center or thrift store. Now comes the fun part, go buy a few new pieces you feel sexy in. Don’t buy clothing you hope to fit into soon, buy ones you fit into now and feel comfortable in. Sometimes all it takes is a new pair of sexy shoes to get the blood flowing.


Go out with your friends to a club and dance the night away. Something about dancing in aViagra, ED, erectile dysfunction, sex, exercise, health low lit room with lots of other sweaty bodies will surely get you fired up and feeling sexy. The more in touch with your body you become, the sexier you will feel.

You Time

Have a little fun filled “you time” by exploring your own body angle for angle. It will help you appreciate your body the way it is and enjoy how every sensation feels. The better you know your own body, the better your partner will too. When it comes time to help your partner find your favorite sexy places, be sure to make the experience as personal as possible. Cater to your own needs. This will likely be a drawn out process so be sure to tell your partner to take a Viagra for lasting sexiness!

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