Conception: Keeping the Job Sexy

Pregnancy, baby, conception, sex, Viagra, Once Daily CialisWhile some couples may experience a quick conception and need not worry with details of how often they need to have sex or when the right time of the month is, it can still create a certain level of stress for many couples. Isn’t it strange that while we were becoming adults that we all worried about pregnancy and likely went overboard with birth control, and may have even had a few scares? Now that we want to get pregnant it seems like an impossible feat. Funny how things work, isn’t it? Don’t get caught up in the science and seriousness of the mission. Have fun and remember why you want a baby.

Try Not to Overschedule

Sure, it’s important to know about ovulation and when it happens during the month. It may also be important to know what time of day to get your sexy time on, but try not to make it a chore. You will likely lose all pleasure and just see it as a job. A lot of women get stuck in a kind of an obsessed frenzy trying to use their woman skills to sense the perfect time to create junior. This is being a bit of an overachiever and you should try to focus on why this time is special and what you can do to embrace the love in the relationship. Creating your baby in a manic frenzy just doesn’t sound romantic. Try taking it easy and have sex when you both feel like having sex, instead of the daily routine.

Advice for MenPregnancy, baby, conception, sex, Viagra, Once Daily Cialis

More sex always sounds like a great idea until you realize that you have become more of an important object than a lover. Try to keep the peace in the relationship by suggesting fun new ways to have your daily special time. Keep it fun and loving. It is not a job; it is a desire to have a little person in your life to love and care for. Make sure you are loving and caring for yourself and your partner. If you want to amp up your “frisky,” try asking your doctor about Viagra or Daily Cialis. They can add an extra level of experimentation and fun to the process.

Advice for Women

Relax. Sometimes when you try too hard at something, you over think it and end up miserable and stressed, when actually you should have been taking it easy and enjoying yourself. Try to picture the outcome of all this planning. Remember why you are so focused on creating a new life with your partner. Make sure that it isn’t just becoming a chore, and that it’s still fun and exciting so both you and your partner walk away from it with grins on your faces.

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