Can Lima Beans Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

For years, experts have said that eating the right kinds of food can help the body fight certain kinds of cancer. Studies show that eating so-called “Superfoods” that are high in antioxidants can help in the fight against cancer.

Lima beans and breast cancer

On the hit medical show Dr. Oz, an expert suggests lima beans as a cancer fighting food. Lima beans are said to cut off the blood supple to cancer cells.

“Lima beans contain a natural cancer fighter that cause breast cancer cells to die, Dr. William Li said on the Dr. Oz Show. “Eating lima beans can lower risk of breast cancer by 24 percent. You can purchase them in the freezer section.”

Dr. Li suggested steaming or sautéing lima beans in a little olive oil. To get the maximum benefits, eat 1 cup per day. Lima beans are also high in fiber.

Bean power

Lima beans aren’t the only bean getting attention. “Diets rich in legumes are being used to lower cholesterol levels, improve blood glucose control in diabetics, and reduce the risk of many cancers,” Dr. Michael T. Murray said. “Legumes contain many important nutrients and phytochemicals, and when combined with grains, they form a complete protein.”

Studies support the power of beans

Murray says data collected by validated food frequency questionnaires from 90,630 women in the Nurses Health Study II found a significant reduced frequency of breast cancer in those women who consumed a higher intake of common beans or lentils.

“That was not surprising, what was surprising was that only beans and lentils seemed to offer protection,” he said. “Intake of tea, onions, apples, string beans, broccoli, green pepper, or blueberries had not protective effect. Eating beans or lentils two or more times per week was associated with a 24% reduced risk of breast cancer.”