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5 Simple Lifestyle Tips for Better Erection Health

Different parts of your body are responsible for helping you get and keep an erection. 

If erectile dysfunction is impacting your life, medication can help as well as a variety of lifestyle changes. Whether you not you take ED drugs like Viagra, you can make some subtle changes to your everyday routine and choices that result in better erection health. 

While problems with your erection might stem from issues that are beyond your control, such as genetics or other health conditions, ED has also been tied to things that are under your control. So if you want to improve your erection health, here are several simple changes you can make.

1. Start your day with coffee.

Sounds crazy, right? With everyone else telling you to ditch the caffeine, we’re telling you to fuel up in the morning – within reason.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Houston determined that men who drank the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee daily had lower instances of ED than those who shunned caffeine entirely. According to the study’s authors, caffeine has stimulating properties that are similar to Viagra.

2. Get some exercise.

This is just overall sound advice, but it’s also going to help your penis. According to a study released in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who worked out weekly reported better erectile function than those who were more sedentary.

But stay away from cycling exercises if your goal is defeating or preventing ED. The restrictive shape of the seat and tight clothing associated with the sport have been associated with higher rates of ED.

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Consider these lifestyle tips in addition to ED drugs to address erection health. 

3. Check your diet.

What you eat matter when it comes to erection health. A UK study of over 25,000 men found that those who ate over three servings per week of apples, oranges, berries, and red wine had a 19% lower chance of developing ED over a 10-year period than those who didn’t. The conclusion was that flavonoids, the compound rich in these foods, can improve blood flow and assist with getting and keeping an erection.

4. Ditch the Cigarettes.

Of course, smoking is bad for you, but it can also affect what happens between the sheets. Researchers in Iran studied more than 2,800 smokers and determined that 25% of the men who gave up the habit reported an improvement in their erections one-year post-smoking. Comparatively, none of the men that continued smoking reported erection health improvement, and 7% said that their conditions worsened.

One of the main ingredients in cigarettes, nicotine, is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it can impair the ability of your penis’ arteries to dilate. When blood flow to your penis is constricted, this affects your erection. Even cutting down on smoking or stopping for a day can result in improvement.

5. Brush your teeth.

While everyone should practice good dental hygiene, this becomes even more essential when your erection health is on the line. Gum disease is not only a risk factor for things such as lung infections and cardiovascular disease but also ED. Regularly brushing your teeth will keep your breath smelling fresh and reduce the risk of having to deal with ED.

While lifestyle changes can help with ED, they may not entirely prevent or cure the condition. Fortunately, there are prescription medications, such as Viagra, that can help. Visit our Erectile Dysfunction Page to learn more.

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