Carefree Cookout: Stop Heartburn before it Starts

Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Nexium, Prevacid, Spicy Food, Beer, IndigestionAs the work week draws to an end there is nothing that seems much more appealing then some burgers or wings sizzling on the grill and an ice cold beer in hand.  Cookouts are one of the most beloved American traditions, and at this time of year you can’t even walk down the sidewalk without smelling the delicious aroma of a nice charcoal grill and hearing the laughter of family and friends awaiting the feast.

All of these delicious grilled foods and hoppy beverages have two things in common; they are both irresistibly delicious, yet they can both wreak havoc on your stomach. 

For people who suffer with heartburn or acid reflux the party can be cut short by burning in the throat and stomach, nausea, and a feeling that the food just won’t digest.  This miserable feeling can ruin a cookout for not only you but the friends and family who came to enjoy your company!

Back in our grandparents day, solutions ranged from bottle after bottle of Pepto Bismol, glasses of milk, and warm water with baking soda.  Although these remedies would sometimes provide temporary relief for the sufferer, they more often then not left them in pain.  The only solution was to give up the beverages and spicy foods that they enjoyed in order to curb the symptoms, or deal with symptoms that got increasingly worse over time, often leading to stomach ulcers and damage to the throat.Ulcers, Beer, Hamburgers, Spicy Food, Acid Reflux, Stomach Pain, Indigestion, Cookout, Bloating

Luckily, there are products available today that can prevent heartburn and acid reflux.  Both Nexium and Prevacid are used to treat gastroesophagea reflux disease and stomach ulcers.  They are also used to reduce the risk of developing stomach ulcers in the first place! They work by either reducing the amount of acid in the stomach or slowing down the production of acid to the stomach.

With products like these available, there is no reason to ever give up your favorite foods or have to suffer through stomach pain for hours after a meal.  So fire up the grill, put some beer on ice, and enjoy life the way it was intended!

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