WankO 3 Pack

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WankO Realistic Silicone Textured Masturbation Sleeve

Included in the WankO 3 Pack

1 Wavy Real Feel WankO

1 Boxy Real Feel WankO

1 Bumpy Real Feel WankO

Raise the Bar with Real Feel Solo Play

Our Realistic Textured WankO Sleeve for Mens Pleasure will let you experience the pinnacle of pleasure when you are by yourself. Your self-love sessions will reach new heights with the help of this cutting-edge gadget, designed to simulate the sensation of something that exists.

Featured Elements

Enjoy heightened sensations with ticklers and pleasure nubs carefully placed to stimulate all the right areas.

Realistic Textures: Our sleeve is designed with genuine textures that produce an almost dreamlike sensation, closely approaching the experience of actually participating in the activity.

Waterproof and Reusable: The WankO sleeve is designed to be convenient, and it is both waterproof and easy to clean, making it ideal for repeated usage.

Material of High-Quality Silicone: Our WankO is crafted from high-quality silicone, which gives it a supple and soft feel that contributes to the overall realism and comfort of the product.

Beneficial Effects of WankO Increase Oxytocin Levels: A rise in oxytocin levels, particularly during orgasm, can improve your mood and overall well-being.

WankO Primary Masturbation Toy: This sleeve provides unmatched satisfaction and realism, making it an essential purchase for adults who enjoy playing with toys.

Try the New 3 Pack WankO Now!

Guys interested in improving their solo pleasure playing experiences.

Guys are interested in adding a high-quality realistic sleeve to their collection of adult toys.

Solo-play enthusiasts want a virtually dreamlike experience similar to the main game.

Why Use the WankO?

Realistic Textured Sleeve for Mens Pleasure is a meticulously developed product that provides the utmost pleasurable experience. Whether you are an experienced solo player or just starting out with adult toys, this sleeve will provide you with a distinctive and satisfying experience.

We Guarantee You will Increase Your Pleasure?

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain the utmost satisfaction from playing alone. Purchase the new WankO three-pack and experience unending moments of incredible pleasure.


Experience WankO 3 pack. You get all 3 varieties, including Wavy, Boxy, and Bumpy. Each WankO provides a different sensation. Make it simple: use and discard for one-time personal use.

Three varieties, including Wavy, Boxy and Bumpy, give you a different sensation every time.

Simple to use and easier to discard.

One-time personal use in a single pack.

Not intended for use during intercourse.

Not intended as a contraception or prevention of STDs or STIs.

Please read the precautions on each package.

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