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Vaniqa Prescription Medication Prescribed Online by eDrugStore.com

Vaniqa is an FDA-approved topical medication for women with unwanted facial hair. It works by slowing hair growth on the face and chin. Women who use Vaniqa might be able to spend less time removing facial hair or be able to go longer between hair removal treatments. Unwanted facial hair can be embarrassing, and hair removal can be time-consuming. Vaniqa is an effective treatment that can help women improve their appearance and feel more confident.

Product Information

eDrugstore sells authentic, FDA-approved Vaniqa manufactured in the United States by GilletteBristol.

How does Vaniqa work?

Vaniqa works by blocking the enzyme responsible for hair growth in the follicle. As a result, hair grows more slowly and may be thinner and lighter. For most women, improvement generally occurs gradually. Vaniqa does not completely remove the hair. Because its only approved for the face and chin, Vaniqa should not be used to slow hair growth on other body parts.

Why choose Vaniqa?

Vaniqa is a safe and effective topical treatment for unwanted facial hair in women. Because it slows hair growth and can make facial hair thinner and lighter, many women spend less time removing hair and can go longer between hair removal treatments. If patients prefer a more permanent option, clinical studies have shown that Vaniqa improves the results of laser hair removal.

Can Men Use Vaniqa?

The (FDA) US Food and Drug Administration has approved Vaniqa for females over age 12. The FDA has not received any studies testing the medicine on men. Thus it is not expressly approved for males. Research does not imply that it does not function on men or that men are dangerous when taking it.

Some dermatologists prescribe Vaniqa "off-label" for men. Regular use of the medicine may cause a man with vigorous beard growth to experience slower beard growth and the ability to go without shaving or having a five oclock shadow.

Directions for using Vaniqa

Before applying Vaniqa, thoroughly cleanse and dry your face. Apply the medication once in the morning and once at night as part of your regular beauty routine. After your skin absorbs Vaniqa, you may apply moisturizers, sunscreen, and other cosmetics.

For maximum effectiveness, do not rewash your face for at least 4 hours and wait 8 hours between applications. While using Vaniqa, continue your regular hair removal treatments. Most patients see results gradually over several weeks. Do not apply Vaniqa to your lips, ears, or eyes.

Side effects of Vaniqa

Some patients may experience side effects when using Vaniqa. Common side effects include redness, itching, skin irritation, dryness, flakiness, burning, tingling, and stinging. If your side effects are particularly bothersome, or if they get worse with time, talk to your doctor.

If you see bumps on your skin, contact our doctor because it might indicate a minor allergic reaction. If you find out that you are allergic to Vaniqa, discontinue use and seek medical attention. Most patients do not experience side effects while using Vaniqa.

Precautions when using Vaniqa

Before using Vaniqa, give your doctor a list of the medications, vitamins, and supplements youre currently taking. Be sure to advise your doctor if youre using other topical treatments because these medications can interact with Vaniqa. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should visit their doctor before using Vaniqa. Only use Vaniqa as directed by your doctor.

Vaniqa, an option for women

The cream interferes with an enzyme found in the hair follicle of the skin needed for growth, which slows hair growth and improves appearance. According to the Vaniqa website, Vaniqa does not permanently remove hair or "cure" unwanted facial hair with just one application.

The medication will slow and eventually stop the unwanted hair from growing. Your treatment program should include continuing any hair removal technique you currently use. Vaniqa helps manage your condition and improve your appearance.

Quick and effective Hair Removal

Improvement may be seen as early as 4 to 8 weeks of treatment. Improvement may take longer in some individuals, but eventually, women will spend less time tweezing or waxing. While it will not eliminate the need to pluck, it will reduce the frequency.


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