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Minoxidil Applicator Comb

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Minoxidil Applicator Comb

Flexible and precise rolling ball teeth let you change the pressure of the smear so that the liquid flows smoothly and evenly on your hair roots. You can also gently massage the scalp to help the liquid soak in faster.

With a 16mm filling hole and a maximum capacity of 50ml, you can quickly add liquid and avoid having to constantly refill the container. This is practical and handy.

The shell is made of a material that cant explode and is safe for the environment. It has a soft top cover for better closing, and its durable and strong enough to be used over and over again.

The palm-sized and small design makes it easy and comfortable to hold, and the bottom cap can help keep dust off the teeth to keep them cleaner.

It is small and light, so its easy to carry. You can use it by hand whether its dry or wet, and it doesnt need a battery, so its great for home and trip use.


- Applicator Comb allows for a small amount of Minoxidil to absorb directly to the scalp.

- Apply liquid directly to roots of hair for a larger distribution throughout scalp.

- Essential oil corrosion resistant material.

- Holds 50 ml of liquid solution.

Product Usage

- Lift silicone lid off Applicator comb to add Minoxidil.

- Use pipette to fill or pour Minoxidil directly in reservoir of Applicator comb.

- Place cap back on Applicator comb and ensure it is sealed tight.

- Apply Application comb with slight pressure on your scalp and apply evenly in desired areas of your head.