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Male Masturbator Silicone Sex Toy

  • Mfr: PeakBody
  • 6 Pack

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This unique male masturbation item is called the "Easy Beat Egg by PeakBody." The Egg is a real-feel, washable, and reusable silicone device that will take your pleasure to new heights.

The Health Benefits of Male Masturbation

Studies have shown the importance of masturbation and its benefits to the body.

When males ejaculate, it raises the hormone cortisol levels. Ejaculation is crucial as it helps regulate and maintain your bodys immune system.

Tests have shown that Men had more white blood cells approximately 45 minutes to an hour after a solo orgasm. When a man ejaculates more than 21 times per month, it lowers the risk of prostate cancer by approximately 33%.

Masturbation causes the release of neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin, which improve your mood.

Masturbation also assists in the vital production of chemicals in the brain, such as prolactin and serotonin. Which directly connects to your feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Men Who Ejaculate Only Once per Month are At Risk of Heart Attacks

Research done by the Massachusetts aging study has shown, Men who had sex once a month or less were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than men who had two or more orgasms per week.

In a 20-year study of 1000 men, those with two or more orgasms per week died at half the rate of men with fewer orgasms per month.

I want to be the first to show you these mini multi-colored eggs from peak body.

6 Different Unique Real Feel Sensations

They come in a six-pack, with all six having different and unique sensations where men can enjoy a different feel every time during orgasm.

Each Egg has a very silky and smooth feel and is very stretchable to fit any size man.

Egg Male Maturbation Reusable Sex Toy

  • Male masturbation and delayed lasting training
  • Soft and odorless
  • Reusable and easy to clean

The innovative sleeve gives you a natural feel stroke and massages to a powerful climax.

Crack open the discreet packaging of the fantastic Egg toy and enjoy a whole host of new sensations with the subtly stimulating Cloudy, Shiny, or Surfer inner textures.

Made from super stretchy phthalate-free material that can stretch to fit any size of the penis, the Egg is a fantastic introduction to sex toys.

Lube up and insert your penis into the tight hole at the bottom of the Egg before stretching this revolutionary masturbator the entire length of your shaft.

The internal design pattern of every Egg brings you different sensations!

Free Gel Sex Lube with Each Egg

Each Egg has its lubrication in which you open the foiled gel and apply it on the inside or ribbed side of this glove-like apparatus.

Once you have inserted your penis into this handheld massager, you will notice sensations you have never experienced.

Six types of ribbed sensation eggs are reusable. Theres a Wavy, Clicker, Spider, stepper, twister, and silky, so try them all and see which one you like best?

Discreet sex toy to take with you on the go or when you travel.