Laser Hair Growth Comb

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Laser Hair Growth Comb


Utilizes EMS micro-current, LED red light, RF and VR vibration massage functions to help skin absorb nutrients.

3 levels of high-frequency vibration stimulates the scalp acupressure points to promote blood circulation.

EMS micro-current and RF red light vibrates the scalp to promote the and absorb nutrients, repair hair follicles and deeply nourish hair roots.

25 messaging comb teeth with ergonomic design.

USB charging port, ON/OFF button, VR button, Intelligent Indicator light.

Product Usage

Default Mode: When starting device, comb over hair from top to bottom to promote scalp to adsorb nutrients, improve damaged hair, smooth out frizz, regulate excessive oil secretion and prevent hair loss.

Vibration Mode: Stimulate scalp acupressure points for hair loss, promote blood circulation under skin and relieve head pressure.

Use with Minoxidil to promote hair re-growth and improve hair loss and receding hairline.

Adjust the levels of EMS micro-current, RF red light and vibration according to your own requirements.

Built in USB Charging Port for ease of charging from any computer or USB charger.

This device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes when not in use.


EMS micro-current and RF red light vibrations penetrate scalp to promote and absorb nutrients, repair hair follicles and deeply nourish hair roots.

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