How to Order Prescription Medications Online – Benefits

  1. Learning the process
    • Read the Product pages to learn about the medications desired
      • Learn about medication precautions
      • The drug interactions
      • How the medication works
      • Associated side effects
      • How to safely take the medication
      • How to buy online
      • Beware of counterfeit medications
    • Review and compare our savings versus similar Physician and medication costs
      • Doctor visits can range from $75 to $150
      • Insurance co-pays may cost between $20 to $40
      • Local Pharmacies often have higher prices for Lifestyle Medications
    • Read and understand the medical questionnaire
      • Your health information is kept confidential and secure
      • An accurate and completed questionnaire will speed the ordering process
      • Assistance in answering the medical questionnaire is as instant as a call or live chat
      • Only the medical clinic will receive and review your completed personal medical profile
      • All approved orders will be sent instantly to the pharmacy for fulfillment and dispensing
  2. Placing an order
    • Communicate and securely write all personal information on our web site
      • Our online ordering process enables an easy to follow health questionnaire
      • Complete the medical questionnaire to the best of your ability at your leisure
      • If you have any questions and want a Customer Service Professional to assist you, don’t hesitate to write or call. One of our CSP’s will return your e-mail quickly or answer your call instantly during business hours.
    • Follow-up with the Physician’s clinic for a verbal consultation review
      • All new customers must speak to clinical staff to quickly review your health information upon questionnaire completion.
      • Approval for medication is routed instantly to Pharmacy for fulfillment and dispencing
  3. Receiving your order
    • Dispensing Pharmacy discreetly packages and ships the order to suit your needs
      • Choose either FedEx or USPS for overnight or 2nd day service
      • Our affiliated network of USA Pharmacies will dispense your medication the same day received in their robust prescription retrieval system before 5pm PST/8pm EST
      • For a safe delivery, a signature is required for all medication orders
      • Lastly, you are provided an option to pick-up your package at one of the 1,900 FedEx Office locations
  4. Your satisfaction is our top priority
    • Should you have any concerns, let us know
      • Our Call Group is available to take your questions from 6am to 8pm Monday through Wednesday, 6am to 7pm Thursday and Friday, 7am to 5pm Saturday and 9am to 4pm Sunday. All times listed are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST)