Want More Reasons to Have Sex? Here Are Some of the Top Benefits

Almost everyone enjoys having sex. But did you know that sex might actually improve your health and wellbeing? If you want even more reasons to have sex, here are some of the top benefits of sexual activity.

Get more exercise
Sex can be a great form of exercise. It may not completely replace time in the gym, but it definitely counts as physical activity. In fact, you can burn approximately 5 calories per minute during sex. It increases you heart rate and exercises various muscle groups. Plus, you get to look at your sexy partner while you’re doing it. If you’re feeling naughty, you can even add some kink to the mix. By tying your partner up, you’ll burn twice the calories. It certainly beats the treadmill.

Improve cardiovascular health
Experts agree that sex is good for your heart. Studies have shown that men who have sex at least twice per week are half as likely to die due to heart disease. Sex may also help lower your blood pressure. For some extra fun, you and your partner can rub each other down in the shower. It’s a great way to boost circulation and get your blood flowing.

Reduce stroke risk
Researchers at the University of Bristol found that sex doesn’t just benefit the heart. Men who have sex at least twice per week are also less likely to have a stroke. Sex also helps keep testosterone and estrogen levels in balance. Doctors believe that hormonal imbalances may cause a variety of health problems, including stroke, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Prevent prostate cancer
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculate at least 21 times per month are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Fortunately, you don’t need a partner to take advantage of this benefit. While sex may be the preferred method, masturbation will also get the job done. Other factors may contribute to your cancer risk. But more sex never hurts.

Lower stress
Did you know that sex releases large doses of the feel-good chemical oxytocin? Being sexual active with your partner can ease anxiety and reduce stress. In fact, almost any type of sexual contact can benefit your health, including hugging, kissing, and touching. Improved sexual intimacy can also boost your self-esteem and increase your happiness.

Raise libido
Having frequent sex can actually raise your libido. Women who engage in regular sexual activity have increased vaginal lubrication, improved blood flow, and better tissue elasticity. When women experience enhanced pleasure during sex, they generally want to do it more often.

Boost immunity
Sexually active adults take fewer sick days. As it turns out, sex boosts your immune system, so you’re less likely to succumb to bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. Research from Wilkes University showed that people who have sex at least once per week had higher antibody levels than their peers. To further enhance your immunity, eat a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, and get plenty of quality sleep every night.