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Spark Your Husband’s Libido: 10 Reasons Why He Has Stopped Having Sex with You

Has your husband been passing on sex a little too often lately? If so, you might feel slightly hurt. But this situation doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is in trouble. Here are 10 common reasons why he has stopped having sex with you. You will also find tips that can help you reignite his sex drive.

His day has been stressful.
Is your husband stressed? Try suggesting relaxing activities that you both enjoy. You can share a bottle of wine, read together in bed, or watch your favorite TV show. By spending more time together, you’ll create more opportunities for intimacy.

He feels insecure about his looks.
These days, women aren’t the only ones with body image issues. If a man feels insecure about his looks, it can affect his sex drive. By exercising together, you can help him regain his confidence and energy.

Not enough time without the kids.
Plenty of parents have steamy sex lives. Create a sexy, adult environment in the bedroom by clearing out the kids’ toys. If your children are playing in the bedroom when you want to have sex, explain that mommy and daddy need some alone time.

He’s obsessed with sports or video games.
Men enjoy sports and video games because they don’t require a big emotional investment. But it’s important for couples to set aside time for intimacy. Talk to your husband about his schedule and agree to spend more time together in the evening.

It’s that time of the month.
Some men prefer not to have sex when a woman is menstruating. But rising hormones can actually increase a woman’s sex drive. If your husband is slightly squeamish, try suggesting sexual activities besides intercourse.

He’s tired of the routine.
Sex shouldn’t be just another item on your to-do list. Be spontaneous and shake things up by surprising your husband with a sexy outfit. You can also swap regular date night for steamy hotel sex.

Performance anxiety is killing his sex drive.
One poor sexual performance can rattle a man’s confidence and make arousal more difficult. To boost his self-esteem, ask him to do something that’s pleasurable for you. If he sees your excitement, he’s more likely to relax and feel aroused.

He’s watching too much porn.
In most cases, porn isn’t a big problem. But if he watches it excessively, it could have a negative influence on his sex drive. If you think porn might be an issue, it’s important to have a straightforward discussion with your husband.

Work is dominating his time.
Being indispensible at work gives men a sense of value. But couples still need to make time for intimacy. At a certain point in the evening, both of you should clock out so you can focus on each other.

He’s exhausted at night.
Romance takes effort. If your husband is exhausted, it can be difficult to change gears and create a romantic environment. Why not try morning sex? You will both have more energy and it’s a great way to start the day.