Reduced Sexual Desire

What is Reduced Sexual Desire?

Some men are not as interested in sex as they age. Lack of sexual desire in men under many factors, including alcohol and drug abuse, certain medications, low testosterone, diabetes, head injury, or an underactive thyroid gland. Psychological issues like depression, stress, exhaustion, and relationship problems can also cause reduced sexual desire.

While erectile dysfunction is not the same as reduced sexual desire, the two disorders are often related. Fortunately, if reduced sexual desire causes erectile dysfunction, getting treatment should solve your libido issues and help you regain a healthy sexual appetite.

Reduced Sexual Desire in Men

For both men and women, reduced sexual desire can be caused by physical, social, and mental factors. While it’s normal not to be in the mood for sex occasionally, reduced sexual desire is a lack of interest in sexual intercourse for an extended period, sometimes months or years.

The best way to treat reduced sexual desire is to see a doctor to rule out underlying medical conditions. Once you have ruled out a physical reason for reduced sexual desire, you might wish to see a psychiatrist or licensed counselor to work through any psychological or relationship issues.

Fatigue, Stress and Low Libido

Fatigue and stress are common complaints among men with low libido. Stress from work, family, relationships, and the strain of daily life can cause reduced sexual desire and performance anxiety in the bedroom.

About one-third of men are concerned about premature ejaculation, and twenty percent are concerned about their overall sexual performance.

This anxiety and stress can lower libido and decrease sexual desire. Sometimes, further issues occur if the man also suffers erectile dysfunction. This different but related condition can contribute to reduced sexual desire.

Medical Disorders, Diseases and Low Libido

Medical disorders and diseases can lower a man’s libido. Severe illnesses like cancer and other disorders like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes can harm sexual desire.

Certain medications, including HIV treatments, SSRIs, and hair loss medications, can lower libido and sexual desire in some men. Depression, social anxiety, and other psychological conditions are other major causes of reduced sexual desire that can harm a man’s sex life.

Older men can experience hormonal changes that reduce sexual desire over time. Since testosterone is the main sex hormone, men with low testosterone levels usually have a lower sex drive.

Your doctor can test your hormone levels to determine if low testosterone is causing your reduced sexual desire. Other hormones besides testosterone can also affect your libido, including an underactive thyroid or high levels of prolactin.

Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for reduced sexual desire depends on the cause. If performance anxiety contributes to erectile dysfunction, getting treatment for your erection problems will usually resolve the libido issues.

If low testosterone levels caused your decreased sex drive, you could take hormonal supplements to regulate your hormone levels. Treating low testosterone is easy; some men go to the doctor for weekly testosterone shots, while others opt for skin patches and gels applied directly to the skin at home.

If family or relationship stress is causing reduced sexual desire, counseling can help you resolve conflicts, get hidden resentments out in the open, and break down other barriers to sexual desire.

If you suffer from depression, seek treatment and therapy. If job-related stress and financial issues are the sources of your low libido, consider lifestyle changes or seek help from an expert financial planner.

Treating an underlying medical condition can resolve reduced sexual desire. If a medication impacts your libido, speak to your doctor about alternative medications and treatments. Other lifestyle changes can also increase your sexual desire.

Regular exercise and physical activity will get your blood flowing and increase your confidence. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid overindulging in alcohol. Try to reduce stress, set aside some time for relaxation, and get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Treating Reduced Sexual Desire

Each cause of reduced sexual desire has its treatment. If you’ve having issues with reduced sexual desire, make an appointment with your physician or you can order erectile dysfunction medications directly online from eDrugstore including: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra . Your doctor can identify the cause of low libido and recommend the best treatment for your situation.