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How to Let Your Sex Life Naturally Evolve and Get Better with Age

Intimacy changes as the years go by. You aren’t in your 20s anymore, but that doesn’t mean that your sex life has to suffer. Here’s your guide on how to let your sex life naturally evolve and get better with age.

In your 30s
In your 30s, sex can become a means to an end if you and your partner decide to have a baby. Has your biological clock kicked into high gear? If so, these tips could apply to you.

Dr. Carole Lieberman is an author and psychiatrist. She says that if couples aren’t careful, baby-making efforts can actually take away from the fun. Couples should spend plenty of time focusing on pure enjoyment.

You probably have demanding responsibilities including your career, finances, and social obligations. Remember to take a deep breath and relax. Too much pressure will not help you reach your goals.

Open and honest communication can allow you maintain a healthy sex life in your 30s. Talk with your partner and share intimate moments. It creates a connection that can translate to better sex in the bedroom.

In your 40s
At this stage in your life, you may feel tempted to cheat on your partner. Even if you’re married, it’s normal to feel insecure about your desirability. Many people go after younger partners because they feel like they have something to prove.

It’s important to resist these urges. Keeping up with a younger partner can be stressful. Plus, an affair can destroy your entire family. It’s better to keep the passion alive within your marriage.

By now, you completely understand each other. Use that to your advantage. Play your partner’s favorite song. Or use a particular scent that your partner likes. With a little effort, you can find new ways to bring excitement into the bedroom.

In your 50s
As you get older, you’ll realize that sex isn’t just about orgasms. Now is the best time to explore the pleasure of your partner’s body. How does your skin feel when your partner touches you? Pay attention to all the physical and emotional sensations.

At this age, you may experience vaginal dryness due to menopause. Fortunately, lubricants can almost completely fix the problem. Silicone-based lubricants are great because they don’t dry out. You can just relax and enjoy the fun.

In your 50s, you don’t have young children to care for anymore. That leaves plenty of time for sex. Since it’s just you and your partner now, you can slip under the covers while wearing nothing but a smile.

In your 60s
When you hit your 60s, passion transforms into humor. You may not be able to keep the fire burning, but passion isn’t the only thing that counts. Fun and laughter can lead to some of the best intimate moments.

Many 60-somethings have active, fulfilling sex lives. In fact, you may have sex more often then you expect. It’s easier to leave your insecurities behind and focus on your feelings for your partner.

If you’re the spontaneous type, you may have to get used to some planning. Older men often need to take erectile dysfunction medications before sex. So, make plans and have plenty of great sex in your 60s.