Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction and the Top 5 Reported Men's Health Issues

Prescription erectile dysfunction medications are popular among men in the United States. In fact, approximately one quarter of American men older than 45 have tried them. But some men cannot take erectile dysfunction medications for certain reasons. Fortunately, there are natural treatments for erection problems. Here are 5 tips you can use to treat erectile dysfunction without medication.

Weight loss
If you’re overweight or obese, you’re at increased risk for erection problems. Overweight men are also more likely to develop other health disorders such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. These health conditions can damage the blood vessels that allow you to get an erection. Excess belly fat can cause hormone imbalances. Low testosterone levels can lead to lack of energy and erection problems.

If you have erection problems, you may benefit from weight loss. If weight loss does not help, ask your doctor to check your testosterone to ensure that it’s within the normal range. Low testosterone can be treated with medications.

Dental health
Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can increase your risk of developing erection problems. Bacteria from the gums can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the blood vessels. This inflammation can inhibit blood flow to the penis.

Men with erection problems should brush their teeth twice per day for 2 minutes per session. Floss regularly to remove plaque between the teeth. Be sure to visit your dentist twice per year for a professional cleaning.

Cardiovascular health
Erection problems may indicate that you have undiagnosed cardiovascular disease. Plaque buildup in the arteries can decrease blood flow to the penis and prevent firm erections. Erection problems may appear before you develop other cardiovascular disease symptoms such as shortness of breath and chest pain.

If you have erection problems, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor for a health checkup. It may lead to discoveries about your overall health. Your doctor can identify any underlying cardiovascular disorders and recommend the best treatment.

Blood pressure regulation
High blood pressure is one of the most common reasons for erection problems. This condition can damage the blood vessels and prevent you from getting an erection. Certain blood pressure medications can also cause erectile dysfunction.

It’s important to control your blood pressure to prevent damage to your arteries. Lifestyle modifications such as diet, exercise, and weight loss can help you control your blood pressure. Your doctor may also be able to recommend a high blood pressure medication that does not lead to erection problems.

Sleep apnea
Many men suffer from sleep apnea. This condition has been linked to other health problems, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and erectile dysfunction. It may be caused by obesity, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Men with sleep apnea can benefit from losing weight. You may also need to use a sleep apnea treatment such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. By getting treatment, you can get a good night of rest and potentially fix your erection problems.