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Best Sexology Books: “Beyond Satisfied”


  • “Beyond Satisfied” by Kenneth Play is one of the best sexology books for heterosexual men. 
  • The author combines research-backed knowledge with his rich sexual experience.
  • You’ll be able to use the thoughtful advice immediately. 
  • Learning to be a great lover has more to do with an intimate connection than having an above-average penis. 

What if you could hack your sexual skills and performance and become a top lover? All this without risky surgery to make your penis bigger and the looks of a Hollywood star? Kenneth Play is living proof it’s possible. “Beyond Satisfied” is one of the best sexology books because it provides science-based, explicit education, so that you can give your partner the best sex of her life.   

Why We Love It

Kenneth Play is not the standard sex therapist you see on TV. He doesn’t have a PhD in psychology; he started out as a personal trainer. Kenneth earned his reputation as the world’s greatest sex hacker through his more, shall we say, hands-on explorations? 

He started out as a shy young man with an average-size penis. When he discovered the world of sex parties, he got hooked. He claims that he’s had over one thousand sexual partners, but his goal was not to beat any records. 

He’s been deliberately using his own erotic experiences to master the art of lovemaking. Later he partnered with scientific experts — from psychologists to neuroscientists — to educate men online and offline. 

Is This Book for You?

Looking for some reading material to refine your erotic abilities? Check if “Beyond Satisfied” is right for you:

For Men Who Love Women

This book was written by a heterosexual man for guys who sleep with women. We added it to our list of top 10 sexology books because it’s not just another pick-up guide. 

The author treats both women and men with respect. He will not sell you on sleazy manipulation tactics to get a girl into bed. Instead, he will give you proven recipes to grow sexual confidence — whether you’re in single mode or in a committed relationship. 

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For Geeks Who Want To Understand

This is for all the guys out there who like to analyze things. Don’t worry — you won’t find psychological and medical lingo here. Everything is easy to understand, even complex ideas like the neuroanatomy of pleasure (which nerves are stimulated during orgasm and why it matters).

And if you’re a computer geek who rarely reads on paper these days, this e-book will be a delight. It expands the traditional reading experience by using QR codes. By pointing your phone on a page you can view explicit animations showing the movements that will take your lover to the top. 

For the Action-Oriented Type

If you’re a guy who doesn’t waste his time and is looking for ready-to-use tips, you won’t be disappointed with this one. Play applies the popular productivity rule and aims to give you the essential tips, so that 20 percent of your efforts brings an 80 percent improvement in your sex life.  

What You’ll Learn

If you expect “Beyond Satisfied” to be only about sex positions and fingering techniques, you’re in for a surprise. Beside in-depth explanations of female anatomy, you’ll get chapters on myths ruining your erotic experiences, and advice on creating an emotional connection with your partner. Here are our favorite take-aways:

Bigger Is Not Always Better

“Comparing the size of your own penis to a porn star is like benchmarking your height against an NBA player.” That powerful quote sums it up. Play knows the sex entertainment industry inside out and provides a reality check all guys need: Porn is not real. 

Adult film stars are picked for those jobs for a reason — mostly because their penis size is way above average. Plus, some of them use cosmetic interventions to make their “work tool” look even bigger.  

While there are women who enjoy well-endowed men, if you know the right techniques, you can give your partner pleasure at any size. 

Take It From Bruce Lee

As a long-time bodybuilder and someone well versed in the martial arts, Play draws comparisons between sex and the way fight masters think. To succeed, you have to get rid of assumptions about making love. Imagine you know nothing about your lover’s preferences, and take it from there. 

Remember that sexual mastery is a learning process. At first, your newly acquired moves will feel mechanical, but at some point, you’ll achieve a level of prowess that will turn every sexual encounter into a sensual dance. 

But First — Arousal

Men’s desire works differently than women’s (well, most of the time at least). You see a hot girl in a bar and, presto, you’re thinking about doing it. For the ladies, the road to arousal is often more winding. And sexual techniques alone won’t do the trick if your partner is not ready.

“Becoming a better lover has a lot more to do with your mindset and your connection to your partner than your equipment.”

Play devotes a whole chapter to what he calls “designer foreplay.” A great lover, he claims, is a kissing pro. And smooching skills are not so much about tongue muscles as they are about following your lover’s lead. Don’t go too deep too fast. Try to mimic her actions and soon enough, you’ll both find your sweet rhythm. 

Couple kissing
When kissing, follow your partner’s lead

Mix Internal and External Stimulation

Have you ever heard of the internal clitoris? That little bud of pleasure is much bigger than you think. The “button” that you see in the upper part of her genitals extends inside. This arm-like structure can fill up with blood when a woman is excited. Plus, there’s a whole network of nerves connecting her vagina to her clitoris, labia, and other sexual organs. 

Imagine someone telling you that you should have an orgasm but without ever stimulating the head of your penis. That’s what intercourse feels like for many women. If their clitoris is not touched, they won’t climax. 

To help your lover experience orgasm, give her clitoris lots of TLC (or a strong rub if she likes it that way). And if you want to take it a step further, combine the pressure on her internal clitoral structure (with your penis, finger, or a sex toy) with teasing the external part.

Don’t Let ED Get in Your Way

In “Beyond Satisfied,” Kenneth Play writes extensively on sexual anxiety — a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Finding ways to hack your mind and build intimate confidence will help you and your partner enjoy amazing sex. 

Building bedroom skills takes time and practice. Don’t let ED get in your way. Reach for effective medication, such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, so you can always be ready when she is. 

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