Sugar: Harmful Effects to Your Body and Weight Gain?

sugar, fat, diet, health, cardio, junk foodSugar, it’s tasty and wonderful. It’s also in just about everything you eat and is the key ingredient in top comfort foods. Unfortunately sugar is incredibly harmful to your body and your mind. Most Americans consume sugar with each meal, and we’re not talking about fructose which is found in most fruits. There is a distinct difference between natural sugars and the altered processed variety.

Sugar found in fruits is actually good for you in moderation. When combined with the vitamins, fiber and protein in the fresh fruit you are eating, it boosts your metabolism, aids in mental clarity and keeps your body’s natural insulin at a good level. However, high fructose corn syrup or the like does the opposite.

It is not backed by important vitamins or fiber. It is merely empty calories and contains no nutritional advantages. Though the list may seem depressing, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem to decrease your sugar intake. You will feel much better and your body will thank you for allowing it to produce insulin at the rate it’s meant to. Make sure to check the labels on all of your food and steer clean of high fructose corn syrup.  It is the enemy.

Mental Effects
–          Promotes nervousness and hyperactivity
–          Creates mood swings and depression
–          Intensifies anxiety and phobic reactions
–          Decreases activity and energy during crash stage
–          Inability to focus or concentrate, especially in children

Physical Effects
–          Terrible for cardiovascular health
–          Lowers immune system responses
–          Creates bacterial fermentation in the colon
–          Causes hormonal imbalances
–          Causes headaches and onset migraines
–          Increases amount of fat in the liver
–          Stresses the pancreas
–          Increases fluid retention
–          Triggers hypoglycemia
–          Causes tooth decay
–          Kidney damage
–          Diabetes

sugar, health, diet, heart health, junk foodLast but not least, sugar will make you fat. But you already knew that one didn’t you? Try skipping the cookies, ice cream and candy and go for an apple instead. The only good sugar is fruit sugar. Your skinny jeans will thank you.

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