Phase 1 Atkins Diet: Winning Weight Loss Techniques

diet, atkins, sexy, health, nutrition, weight lossI have been on the Atkins diet for approximately a week and a half.

It has been a rather difficult week and a half, not totally unlike the first trial of time after quitting smoking or drinking. It’s not exactly easy to go from a diet of carbs, sugar and processed foods to none at all. Addiction is a tough habit to break. Unfortunately, almost everything we are addicted to is also terrible for us. Once you free yourself from eating processed, over sugared foods, you will begin to feel much better almost immediately. Here’s a few ways to keep you on track with your diet and what you should expect.

Please give me Pizza!

The first day you decide to begin the Atkins diet, you will likely be in agony. Since you know you cannot have junk food, you will crave it on a serious level. Instead of starving yourself or forcing yourself to only eat lean meat and raw veggies, go easy. Have an awesome omelet and throw the veggies in there or try cooking out and having grilled chicken, asparagus and zucchini. When you look at your plate filled with these yummy alternatives to the normal dieting routine, it doesn’t look so bad. It might not be pizza but if you need a gentle reminder of why you aren’t eating pizza, remember pizza helped put you in this situation to begin with!

Time for a Detox.

The next few days will be difficult. Your body is detoxing. Detox never feels good but it isfish fillets, diet, atkins, lose weight, health necessary to get your body where it needs to be. It’s your body’s natural “clean up” system. During this phase (Phase 1) don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it easy and don’t put in long hours at the gym. Your body will not be use to burning fat instead of carbs yet so you may feel shaky and weak. Take this time to catch up on your reading or enjoy a slow stroll through a park at sunset. Everyone’s body is different. This induction phase into the Atkins diet will make or break you. Just keep telling yourself, “one day at a time.” Make sure to eat ever 3 or 4 hours, if you don’t you will greatly regret it. You will be extremely weak and could pass out. Include enough food to feel full in each meal. Always include plenty of protein and never any sugar.

Feeling Great with the Atkins Diet

In this first phase, you will likely feel a bit flu-like. You can combat these detoxification feelings by drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, staying away from caffeine and by not skipping meals or snacks. Starving yourself is not part of this diet. As soon as your body is no longer dependant on carbs (for me this was a little less than a week!) you will not crave sugar or carbs anymore. This “cave-person” diet is really not much of a diet at all but just getting us back to what our bodies actually need without all the constant garbage we put into them. No matter what you do in this stage, understand that you will be feeling excellent in a very short time. I know I am.

If dieting isn’t for you, you may want to try one of the proven diet products such as Xenical, which will help your body eliminate unwanted fat.

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