A List of Odd Things That Can Affect Your Diet

Dieting got you down? Learn about little-known factors that affect your dieting efforts.
Dieting got you down? Learn about little-known factors that affect your dieting efforts.
Dieting. Ugh. In the world of fast food and microwavable dinners, dieting can be tough. Some doctors say that healthy eating habits have been devoured by our quick-moving culture. Whether you believe that viewpoint or not, dieting isn’t just effected by the food you eat. What else could possibly affect it, you ask? A lot.

“Obesity, just like anything else in life, is multi-factorial,” said Dr. Soha Dolatabadi, Good Samaritan Hospital.

Other contributors to your weight:

  • Air pollution. Smog and other chemicals floating around can affect your hormone levels, which can affect your weight.
  • Air-conditioning. You’re less likely to get up and move around if your body is at a constant temperature.
  • Age. Studies show the older a woman is when she gives birth, the higher her child’s risk for obesity.
  • Lack of sleep. If your body isn’t rested, there’s a shift in your appetite hormones. It could cause you to eat more throughout the day.

Ways to keep your diet on track:

  • Plan your meals. Most people fall off the diet wagon when they grab something on the go. Make a meal plan for the week. Buy the ingredients you need for that week and try to make a few things ahead of time, maybe on your weekend, because you know you’ll be racing around on the weekdays.

  • Add exercise. For some people, dieting doesn’t work without exercise. When you’re working to make healthy changes to your entire routine, dieting might come easier.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks. You’re going to want a snack at some point, so stock up on good munchies. Buy some fruit, popcorn, and easy-to-eat veggies.
  • Stay away from the scale. You won’t progress, we get it. But sometimes, you get more frustrated if you’re stepping on the scale and not seeing big results. Try pulling out the scale once a week, or maybe twice a month – not every day.
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