Top Five Reasons to Lose Weight Now

There are so many reasons why you should and can lose weight—that one could never possibly discuss all of them in just one article. However, there are plenty of those reasons that can easily be boiled down into just five. The fact of the matter is that more than 35% of the United States is classified as obese, which means that if you are currently 30 or more pounds over the suggested weight for your height and age, then you are considered to be obese. This staggering statistic has gotten people turning their heads lately, and to be honest, most people that are obese are not fond of having those extra pounds.

In fact, most people would love to shed the extra weight they just do not know how. There are so many commercials that you see and so many products that are lauded, but which have minimal effects in the end.

The end result is that people who suffer from obesity want to have an actual solution to their problem, one that truly offers a real shot at them getting back to a healthy weight and furthering their longevity. What follows are the top five reasons to lose weight and keep it off for the remainder of your life!

1. Increasing longevity.

This is number one reason to lose the weight now and also in-turn is the number one negating factor when most people make that life-changing decision to get their weight under control. You can do it, it does involve hard work, but a longer, healthier and happier existence awaits those who choose to do so.

2. External appearances.
Most people—even if they say they are not—are always conscious of their external appearance. And, so in being, this easily falls to the number two reason as to why people choose to change their lifestyles. By dropping the pounds you will not only live much healthier, but you will gain the changes that you are seeking with your external appearance.

3. Life goals achieved.
Most often obesity is a monster that takes root early in the period of someone’s life. It grows and grows, oppressing them and causing many to succumb to illnesses later in life—such as diabetes due to their obesity. However, it also happens to be a major life goal from those who suffer from obesity. Changing this and losing the pounds offers many obesity sufferers the chance at completing one of their life goals.

4. Curbing eating habits and enacting discipline.
Often time’s many people who overeat or suffer from obesity simply wish for a means to curb the cravings and get back into a healthy lifestyle. By making the decision to change your life now, you can easily gain control of your eating habits and change your life for the better. However, it does require a firm commitment from you and the discipline to see it through to the end.

5. Completion of the process.

Many times you read about the life testimony of people who suffered from obesity and their battle to win it, and you realize that they are full of glow, life and happiness. This comes from setting a very hard goal to reach and actually seeing it through and achieving that goal. There is nothing in life that can compare to this feeling, and the work that it takes to get there is very well rewarded in the end.

Tips for Losing Weight Quickly and Naturally:
Talk to your doctor about weight loss options that do not involve appetite suppressants, such as fat absorption pills like Xenical. This prescription medication works by absorbing up to 30% of fat from calories that you intake with each meal. It also requires the patients to curb their eating habits and limit their fat from calories intake to 30% or less during meals, ultimately helping the shed the pounds much faster, and in a healthy manner. See for more details and pricing of this wonderful prescription weight loss drug.

Cut down on fatty foods and sauces. Sure you could eat a salad, which is healthy right—but not if you dump too much ranch or other dressing on it. Curb the fats. Substitute sauces with olive oils for cooking and no salt. Substitute salad dressing for balsamic vinegar dressings and substitute fatty foods for healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

Enact an exercise regiment and stick to it. The best way to lose weight is by combining the above two things with a daily exercise routine. You do not have to go it alone. See if you have a friend that can join you and if you can both serve as a support group for each other. Perhaps you might consider hiring a personal trainer to aid you in a full body workout.

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