Common Myths About Genital Herpes

Eight Common Myths About Genital Herpes

Almost every sexually transmitted disease has its own set of myths and bits of misinformation that often lead to its spreading or misunderstanding. Genital herpes is no different. From the methods in which you can transmit the condition to the actual seriousness of each individual case, genital herpes is one of the more misunderstood STDs being spread today. The problem is that myths get repeated so much and people have a problem deciding what’s fact or fiction. Following are some common myths about genital herpes and the actual truth behind it.

Genital Herpes Myth #1: You can’t spread it if you don’t have the symptoms.
This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about genital herpes. Many people think that just because they don’t have an outbreak at a given time, they can have sex with somebody without spreading the disease to them. But nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you’re not having an outbreak, you can still spread genital herpes to your partner through sexual contact and other intimate activities.

Genital Herpes Myth #2: If you have genital herpes, you’ll know it.
This particular disease doesn’t always manifest itself in obvious outward signs. Most people suffer from large cold sores around the mouth and genital area, but not everybody gets these when they have the condition. In fact, 90 percent of the 50 million people infected with herpes don’t even know they have it, thus leading to spreading the infection even more.

Genital Herpes Myth #3: You can contract genital herpes from a toilet seat.
Much like many diseases, the herpes virus dries out once it comes into contact with open air. That means you cannot contract genital herpes from a toilet seat, doorknobs, keyboards or any other similar source.

Genital Herpes Myth #4: Herpes is curable with the right medication.
Herpes is one of the incurable sexually transmitted diseases. You can get medications at places like, but the products only prevent outbreaks or minimize the number of outbreaks you have each year.

Genital Herpes Myth #5: Genital herpes could make you infertile.
Genital herpes does not make you sterile or infertile. If you have genital herpes, though, your doctor may want to check for other sexually transmitted diseases that could make you sterile.

Genital Herpes Myth #6: Genital herpes makes me susceptible to other diseases and conditions.
Having genital herpes does not make you more open to other illnesses. Some people with genital herpes, however, do contract cellulitis, a bacterial infection that can enter the body through a herpes sore. This condition generally consists of a rash and fever, but it is simply treated with antibiotics.

Genital Herpes Myth #7: Cold sores are not indicative of herpes.
Cold sores are almost always cause by a type of herpes virus. If you have a cold sore on or around your lips, you could give somebody genital herpes if you have oral sex with them. By the same logic, you can also contract genital herpes by having oral sex with somebody who has cold sores on or around their mouth.

Genital Herpes Myth #8: My partner gave me genital herpes. Therefore s/he must be cheating on me.
This could be the case, but not always. Many times, genital herpes can have such mild symptoms for some people that they don’t even know they have it. As a result, your partner could have contracted the condition from a partner several years ago without even knowing it until now. If you have doubts, have an honest discussion with your partner to get at the root of the problem.

There is one thing you can be sure of if you have genital herpes. You can get a variety of medications that minimize the symptoms and outbreaks at With a licensed physician and expert pharmacists on hand, you can get diagnosed and get your medication without even leaving your home.

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